Have you ever gone back to a meeting out of curiosity?

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  • rawe

    Hi stuckinarut2,

    >>Just wondering if anyone has gone back to a meeting out of curiosity? (perhaps to an area far from your old KHall where you know no one)<<

    I left the faith in 2007. Since then, I have attended the memorial each year, with the exception of one year. I don't attend for curiosity reasons, but, rather as a way to reach out to my mother-in-law and another older JW lady who was like a mother to me while I was growing up.

    We moved from North Phoenix, AZ to Chandler, AZ three years after we left the faith. In this part of the city, know one knows us. When we show up at memorial a few come over and chat. We're friendly, tell them the basic story -- left the faith -- but have family in Canada who remain JWs. As of spring of 2010 my JW status is "disassociated by action" (action=openly celebrating Christmas). Thus I understand why some JWs who know my circumstances might shun me. However, I personally don't believe in shunning, so I ignore such attempts at labeling the best I can.

    Last year I went back up to Canada and attended there. That was a bit of a different experience, since folks there knew me growing up and have heard stories about us leaving the faith. But again, I just was friendly and said hello and chatted with those who came by. I will make the trip again this year. I'll keep going for as long as my mother-in-law and friend are alive. They're both up in age.

    I am always impressed by the contrast between the Kingdom Hall experience compared to Valley Unitarian Universalist church I currently attend. The music and singing at VUU is much more vibrant than the JW experience. It is also now so odd to hear the JW elder make such earnest statements of belief, that are so clearly rooted in nothing but fantasy and wishful thinking. As to belief, I'm an atheist, but recognized a few years ago, that I'm kinda religious too. The UU faith is based on 7 principals and rejects the idea of dogma and thus accepts atheists right along side believers.

    Unlike so many Ex-JWs, my personal experience as a JW was generally positive. I completely understand why some would never set foot in a Kingdom Hall again. I have little respect for the organization and it's leadership, who posses both the knowledge and power to address issues within the religion. In contrast I still see many of the individuals in a positive light.



  • punkofnice

    Never have and never will. I have no reason to go back to that hell-hole cult.

    I'm out. I do not need to return to my vomit.

  • Giordano

    No curiosity....... it was junk in and junk out.

    Went back for my sisters wedding. Went back for my Aunt's funeral (she lived with us and helped raise my sister and I). Went back for my sister's funeral, my mother in law and my mother. Never again will I pay my respects in a KH. I'll stand outside breathing fresh air instead of the bullshit spilling out of the speaker's mouth.

    Apart from the wedding of my sister the funerals were exactly the same bullshit spoken in a pretend singsong voice...... the talk was always the same for forty years. 2 to 5 minutes about the deceased as if the speaker gave a damn.

    Lazarus was always featured front and center........ hey shit head speaker he died a second time so what's your point? The biggest con in Jesus's ministry. Other then walking on water (sandbar).

    The faux resurrection was always mentioned as if they had that one nailed down. The resurrection is trademarked as the property of the WTBTS.

    Hardly any recognition of the person and family we were all there for. Cherry picked scriptures.......

    Even in death........ after a life time of service......... the Society offers nothing. Just make sure you have a HazMat suit when you wake up in the new world.

  • WTWizard

    Watching them on YouTube is far better. You get to see what is going on, you do not risk getting hounded, and there is the big red X that you can use to close the browser if it is too much to take. Of course, if Spectrum, Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon have their way, it could cost a huge amount of money or even be blocked altogether to even access YouTube or other video sites. So enjoy it while you still have it.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    As a PIMO, I attend on a semi-regular basis and it is very surreal. Much different than the religion I grew up in.

  • NewYork44M

    I have thought about showing up, but I have always been able to quickly dismiss these thoughts.

  • mentalclarity

    Yeah, I've thought about going back to a meeting just out of curiosity. I think it's more about how I've changed and how I would view things with my new perspective.

    Unlike some people on this forum, I didn't choose this religion. It was what I was raised in so it all seemed perfectly normal. I've been out for for a decade now so I just think it would be interesting. If only it was an hour instead of a couple hours- I'd totally do it. I recently went to a hare krishna service for an assignment for school and it was really interesting too- but I kind of like that whole sociological aspect of religions. Just observing in a completely detached way people act/worship.

  • nancy drew
  • Saethydd

    I've thought about bringing my best friend to one just to see how many JW's would be slack-jawed when I walk in with my scruffy beard, shoulder length hair, and a girl on my arm who has several piercings, an undercut with a design shaved into it, and who would either be wearing a short dress or rather tight pants.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    I haven't been inside a kingdom hall since 2006 and I haven't missed it. But inevitably I'll have to enter one again some day either for a family wedding (not very likely, thankfully) or funeral. Although even JW funerals usually take place at cramtoriums actually, but it's still a JW talk. I can't think why else I'd ever be forced to return, I certainly.wouldn't go out of choice.

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