If your Bethelite Brother Doesn't Know About It, It Musn't Be True

by HomebytheSea 23 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • jwfacts
    He of course said, "Don't worry about it, Jehovah will take care of it!" I said, " Well, he hasn't done anything for the past 65 years, so maybe someone else should!"

    Such a horrible comment and great come back. It is the standard comment, but so illogical. Jehovah did not stop any of those children being raped. If he had any interest in the matter he would manoeuver things to prevent the rape in the first place, not wait decades and thousands of victims later to slowly change processes under the pressure of worldly governments.

  • punkofnice
    He of course said, "Don't worry about it, Jehovah will take care of it!"

    You could ask him how he would feel if his 8 year old grandson was abused and nothing was done to have prevented it in the first place, let alone prevent a repeat offence.

    You can't always believe what you read!

    You didn't read it. You saw a member of the governing body on a video. Does this mean you can't believe his holiness pope wacko jacko then?

    I asked your brother (a Bethelite), and he hasn't heard a thing about it!"

    Ho, ho, ho. An appeal to authority. Just because he hasn't heard anything about it doesn't mean it's not true.

    I'm sad to say the mind control has got this poor chap in it's spell.

  • HomebytheSea

    SecretSlaveClass, you should meet my mom! She's even more hard core!

    Jwfacts, I feel the same way. If God was really involved, one victim, or the concept of one victim in someone's perverted mind would have been too much!

    Punkofnice, I'll have to remember that for next time & ask him what he would do if it was his grandson. It MIGHT make him think twice. Once when I was going through a divorce about 15 yrs ago, my abusive ex broke into my apartment, which I was renting from a witness couple. I called the police, and my presiding overseer @ the time said "I can't believe you'd take a brother to court!" I asked him what he would do if a "brother" broke into his house & raped his wife. I got no response, of course!

  • Vidiot

    "Don't worry about it, Jehovah will take care of it..."

    With everything that's going down, maybe he is.

    Circumstances sure seem to fit his pattern of dealing with his "chosen people" when they got out of line in the Bible... :smirk:

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