We're Coming After You, Watchtower

by Farkel 42 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Pistoff

    I hate this religion so much. I am still in it, unfortunately, but I don't know how much longer I can take it. Ever meeting I miss seems to make my wife more determined to "stay faithful" and "do the right thing".

    I have been shocked, mortified, and finally had my eyes opened by the conduct of, not rank and file, but elders and CO's in what they do. I have seen a CO help a ministerial servant get rid of his wife, lie and delete elders to cover his slanderous comments. I have had an elder lie to my face about a life and death issue regarding one of my children. I have had elders neglect my family when they knew they needed a kind word, or any word at all.

    To see how the dubs close ranks around a "faithful" one who is divorcing makes me physically sick to my stomach. I am speechless, which is rare. They are not just fooled, I am learning, but CHOOSE to keep their eyes closed because it is easier than to look at a world that is not in line with what they expect.

  • Farkel

    One correction to a comment I made on my thread folks:

    The attorney did not agree to handle this case pro bono (for free), but rather agreed to handle it on a contingency basis. This is actually good news, because that means the law firm is willing to risk whatever amount of money they are willing to risk in order to justify a handy pay off for them should they win. And they will fight even harder and research even more, because if their client wins, THEY win with real cash.

    This is good.


  • Brummie

    To make an understatement - the Watchtower is an absolute disgrace! could only cope with reading this in sections over the last couple of days, what a painful testimony to the agonies of deceit!


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