Would You Like To Be God?

by Ultimate Axiom 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • pistolpete

    If you are God, you are omniscient, therefore you have nothing to learn. Nothing to research, investigate or explore as there is nothing you don’t already know......You are also omnipotent, so nothing you can’t do, nothing challenges you. ...You are also infinite. You had no beginning and will have no end.

    How do you fill an infinite number of years being all knowing, all powerful and all alone? And when you do create someone, unless you create them equally omniscient, you will be infinitely cleverer than them

    I would definitely accept the challenge or gift, whatever you want to call it.

    Right now I'm at a point in life where I literally don't have to work ever again. I have a huge house paid for, a lovely lady, and some kids that are growing up fast.

    I have enough money to do anything I want.

    But you know what I enjoy. Taking a walk around our land with my lady. Seeing the sunrise with a cup of coffee. Watching a sunset with the people I love.

    I do this just about every day and it never gets tiring. My days go by so fast, that it scares me.

    I don't have to learn anything new or conquer some stupendous project. I know everything there is to know about making a fine pizza, yet I never get tired of eating Pizza. I never get tired of a medium rare Rib-eye or ice cream.

    Living is a wonderful gift. I've seen 100 year plus old people that can barely walk, can't hear, are almost totally blind----but they don't want to die. They hang on to every precious second of life.

    If by some chance I became God, with all the so called qualities of a God, I could definitely do a better job at creation than the Christian God of the bible.

    I wouldn't create a world were living things have to kill other living things just to survive.

    I wouldn't dangle a carrot of everlasting life on my creation, causing them anxiety and fear. It would just be a gift with no strings attached.

    And I would make sure that all my creation personally, gets an "Owners Manual" on how to live life peacefully and without any fear of dying, thus putting a lid on any false religion from cropping up.

    When I read the bible growing up in a jw family, it always amazed and bewildered me how people could believe that the god of the bible was some person of love and justice. All you have to do is read the bible a few times to see that the God of the bible is just a description of a "Human" with all the qualities that humans possess, like envy, jealousy, anger, not very smart in handling problems.

    Even his power of parting a sea, causing a pestilence, making manna, maneuvering nations to kill one another, is very low imagination of what a God could do.

    The ancient writers didn't have the intelligence or imagination to create a wiser, more powerful, and loving God.

    In today's world, a 10 year old kid could create and write about a more powerful and smarter God.

  • TonusOH
    Ultimate Axiom: If you are God, you are omniscient, therefore you have nothing to learn. Nothing to research, investigate or explore as there is nothing you don’t already know.

    That sounds like the worst possible fate. I think we're driven by a desire to know more, to experience things, to learn new ideas and see new results and make adjustments and try again. We're motivated by a need to improve, to be better and smarter and prepared for new challenges. Without that, I don't think I'd create anything. If I already know how everything turns out, then there is no need to experience it aside from a sense of malignant sadism.

    Oh, goodness. I think I just realized what scares me so much about that concept of god...

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    That sounds like the worst possible fate.

    Perhaps, but it was God’s fate for an infinite number of years. And don’t forget he was all on his own while knowing everything for that infinite number of years – no lady, no pizzas, no coffee, no ice cream, not a single atom, just himself and his thoughts. For infinity! And if he was content with that life, why start creating anything? Especially as PP has pointed out, he’s not very good at it. Half is angels have become demons, and his human creation is driven by greed and selfishness, and produces no end of sadistic deviants. I find it very hard to take seriously the idea of a god with no beginning or end when you think about what than actually means.

  • joe134cd

    Ultimate Axiom- that is a good point you raised about taking seriously a God who has no beginning or end. Let’s examine that idea from a human standpoint. God is the alpha and the omega. Both before and after him there will be no one like him. Considering humans only use a fraction of their brains capacity. Maybe Gods true being of love, justice, wisdom and power is beyond the realms of human comprehension. Even the physicality of God in the things he created is still beyond the realms of human comprehension e.g ageing and death.

    If you want to become a God. My advise would be go join up with Mormonism,

  • peacefulpete

    It is ironic that the more evolved the concept of God gets the less relatable and approachable it gets. For example, emotions have to be feigned if you always know what's going to happen. Oh the good old days when gods had weaknesses and limitations.

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