Would You Like To Be God?

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  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    We know there are a few on this forum who think they are, but consider this for a while. If you are God, you are omniscient, therefore you have nothing to learn. Nothing to research, investigate or explore as there is nothing you don’t already know. No point exercising your skills against the ultimate chess master in the universe because you already know every possible move and outcome.

    You are also omnipotent, so nothing you can’t do, nothing challenges you. You can build a universe as easily as clicking your fingers (or whatever you have for fingers).

    You are also infinite. You had no beginning and will have no end. Before you created your first companion (Jesus if you like) you had already existed an infinite number of years all on your own. We’re not talking about zillions of years here, but a period infinitely longer than that. Zillions to the power zillions to the power zillions of millennia is still not even a nano-second when laid alongside infinity. Endless time with no one to talk to, no one to associate with, no sycophants to bow down before, no one to tell you how great you are, and of course, no one to slaughter.

    How do you fill an infinite number of years being all knowing, all powerful and all alone? And when you do create someone, unless you create them equally omniscient, you will be infinitely cleverer than them. So Einstein with imbeciles for peers will be nothing compared to you and your peers. And if you’ve already lived an infinity of years without company, why start?
  • FFGhost
    How do you fill an infinite number of years being all knowing, all powerful and all alone?

    Sounds like a recipe for insanity.

    Come to think of it, that would explain a lot......

  • hoser

    You could watch re runs of Seinfeld but that would get old too if you’re God. I never thought about how bored God must be just sitting up there.

  • truth_b_known

    I like the Hindu answer to this.

    In the Hindu cosmology the universe has no beginning or end, but does start over after a period known as an aeon.

    The Hindu answer is something similar to this analogy -

    Imagine you own a mega casino in Las Vegas. You own everything inside the casino. All the casino's money ("the house") is your money. Gambling would get rather boring rather quick.

    So no imagine you are able to forget you own the casino. You think you are just a patron there to gamble. No the stakes seem real to you. The excitement of gambling returns.

    In Hinduism, God is everything and everyone. Only everyone has forgotten that. The point is to try to remember. It is a game. It is a theatrical play.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Like they say: "It's lonely at the top."

  • Vanderhoven7

    Was the Father ever alone?

  • waton

    !!! well, it appears that the creator (if any) gave free reign to a no holds barred competition among life forms,

    that developed according to the restrains that the laws of nature (which themselves could have been a selection of the arrival/ survival of the viable ones among many possibilities,-- in our universe.

    I would have, given the choice, eliminated mosquitoes as torturing immediaries of diseases that eliminated, sorted out,

    weaker members of the human race, to make us survivors stronger. (less itch please) and

    put in place an angelic force, patterned after, empowered like the "kill all the First born !!! episode" in ancient Egypt, ---that would instantly dispatch any attempting rapist, including the likes of potiphar's wife***. sparing the agony, and devastation that sexual violence has in the world.

    *** while not a violent sex offender, she commanded a slave to perform sexual duties on her. against his repeated protestations surely prompted by disgust.

  • punkofnice
    Would You Like To Be God?

    I don't think I'd make a very good imaginary friend.

    I don't want people trying to contact me telepathically all at once to solve their problems or buy them a bike.

    I don't want people singing at me, especially not the Jobot songs of dour misery.

    Otherwise, it might be a fun gig.

  • JohnKG

    I would wipe out my memory.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    If the Hindu answer to infinity is running around in circles, it makes just about as much sense as anything else. I wonder though, if we all forget after each aeon, how does anyone know about it?

    And if you were to wipe your own memory to escape the boredom, you create a paradox similar to that inherent in the WT’s explanation of why God permits wickedness. If you wipe your memory then there are things you no longer know. You are therefore not omniscient. You are therefore not God.

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