The difference between a JW and an IDIOT

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  • Focus

    Jedi larc asked:

    Are you an attorney?

    No, I am honest.

    If not, you missed your calling.

    I assume you did not mean that as an outright insult...

    And said Kismet:

    [sundry praise snipped]
    You are too much like Friend then you may care to admit.

    Do you require to pay more attention to your reading skills, Kismet? I am not legalistic. I concern myself with substance over form. I write as I think and believe. I do not ally myself with, or support, that which I know to be wicked and evil. I will take personal risks and make RL sacrifices in order to destroy things that should be destroyed. And I tell and honor truth.

    Therefore, any similarity between myself and the deceitful, tricky, unpleasant, weasel-wording, hypocritical, double-agenda'd, thoroughly despicable members of the F iend Class is very much in the eye of the blind beholder.

    Which is perhaps why we don't see a certain objectionable mouthpiece of the spider around here that often now..

    Not that you should read me as being at all hostile to that vicious little toe-rag! In fact, I wish him only the best, and have the will and the means to get him where he truly needs to go (perhaps he doesn't see it quite that way, yet).

    Know what I mean?

    (Anti-WT Class)

  • Introspection

    Well, first of all I think it's important to distinguish that these two groups are not mutually exclusive. In any case, it is a matter of thinking ability, the information itself is something else.

    Now, having said that, I think the difference between a JW and a pure fool (if there is such a thing) is that the latter will not question what they believe. That to me is the hallmark of a pure fool, and it can be a JW or non-JW. We all remember the scripture that says there is more hope for the stupid one than one wise in his own eyes.

    "To recognize our knowledge as ignorance, this is a noble insight. To regard our ignorance as knowledge, this is mental sickness." -Some old fellow

  • battman

    you are an itiot for sure. You open a new thread,
    draw me in here then leave a blank space!! What
    an idiotiotic thing to do!!

    I mean to say i studied about it for a few minutes
    to see if there was some type of "hidden" meaning.

    In fact i would like to say that......... OhOh! Omygod!!

    No it can't be true!! Yes, it must be true "I am an idiot""

    Thanks for starting.restarting a great thread.

    A topic truly worth a WT study article. Keep 'em awake i say

    (of the true idiot class)

  • waiting

    Since I have loved ones still jw's, and I think they're somewhat intelligent, but grossly misled - I would have to say that jw's in general are misled - exactly as we all were. Some of us for decades, giving our whole lives, and misleading others as we were misled.

    The blind leading the blind.

    Idiots? Naaa, no more idiots in the Borg than outside the Borg.

    I do not wish to speak ill of any man behind his back, but I believe that gentleman is a lawyer. Samuel Johnson


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