The difference between a JW and an IDIOT

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  • TR

    I was an idiot for joining the WTS. A bigger idiot is 'Stillanidiot', for claiming to do research and STILL joining.

    When I became an idiot, my wife didn't become an idiot. I was an idiot for ten years while my wife patiently waited for me to quit being an idiot. Those that are raised in the WTS are not idiots, they are a product of the way they were raised. They are only idiots once they find out only idiots join the WTS and then decide to stay. Then they are idiots.

    Of course, the WTS is a major cause of idiocy in our day. The WTS has a way of turning otherwise normal, intelligent people into idiots. It's no wonder, because the WTS has been run by idiots from day one. They have a long history of idiocy, lead by idiotic men. The WTS has been a shining example of how to become an idiot. Publishers of many idiotic books and magazines, the WTS continues to this day publishing idiotic literature.

    The WTS has many idiotic tools at it's disposal. One is their art of twisting bible scriptures to mean idiotic things. They add idiotic meanings to the scriptures, and make up their own idiotic rules and regulations. If a member of this idiotic religion breaks an idiotic rule, than the idiot can be expelled for not being an idiot! How idiotic is that!

    Once an idiot member decides to start thinking for himself, then the idiocy starts to wear off. Depending on his fortitude, a idiot member of this idiotic religion can be freed from idiocy within a year or so. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, depends on the idiot.


  • Big Jim
    Big Jim

    Memory is not wisdom; idiots can by rote repeat volumes. Yet what is wisdom without memory?

  • emyrose

    An idiot behaves idiotic because he's an idiot.
    A JW behaves idiotic because:
    1. He wants to obey the Faithful and Discreet Slave
    2. He reads only JW material.
    3. He is following men.
    4. He is a he. (ha, just kidding guys)

  • Tallyman

    How many Useful Idiots are there now amongst us?

    Lessee, "FredHall" "StiLLin" "YouKnow"... ? I lost count

  • myMichelle

    Not all idiots are JWs.

    In addition, I don't believe all JWs are idiots.

    you said

    A bigger idiot is 'Stillanidiot', for claiming to do research and STILL joining.

    My hubby did just that. He was raised in the org, but left as a teenager (before being baptised). Later, after marriage and two kids, he returned to the Organization. He went to the Freeminds site, to Shaun's site, and he read the letter at the following site just a few weeks before getting baptized.

    I showed him these sites. I showed him quotes right out of the Organization's own literature. I asked questions and even pleaded with him and it was all dismissed out of hand. I will never understand that. I try to, but as of today he has not been able to successfully explain why he did what he did. I just don't understand how I could be the perfect person for him to marry, to raise kids with, to handle the household finances, to make other decisions with, but somehow I was too biased, silly, emotional and just had no idea what I was talking about when it came to the WTS.

    Despite vehemently disagreeing with his decision to seal his commitment to the WTS by getting dunked, I have never considered him an idiot. (A jerk at times , but that is a whole other thread.) I have always considered him to be a highly intelligent, analytical person--he just made a poor choice in his religion of preference.

    When I became an idiot, my wife didn't become an idiot. I was an idiot for ten years while my wife patiently waited for me to quit being an idiot.

    I have read where you make similar comments before. I have a lot of questions about that, being in a similar situation (husband the JW, the wife not). I have the nonJW spouse perspective and have heard from other nonJW spouses, but I would really like to hear about this situation from the JW spouse's perspective.

    Did your wife ask you questions, disagree with you joining the WTS? How did you view this if she did? What did you say to her when you decided to leave? Do you have other family in the Org? Etc, etc, etc.

    My hubby is becoming more and more inactive, but it will probably be many years, if ever, before we will ever be able to discuss the whole subject without a flare-up in tempers. If you could offer some insight into this type of situation, I would appreciate it. That is if you don't mind, and if this db is too public, my email is available.

    Thanks, that's it for now.

  • Focus

    Kismet unwisely scribbled on Apr 27, 2001 at 10:33:42AM:

    The difference between a JW and an IDIOT????
    A JW didn't ask this question.

    Well - I didn't ask a question either. FYI: the subject of the thread is "The difference between a JW and an IDIOT" and the body text of my post contained only an ".". No question was therefore asked by me. Hint: the absence of a question mark indicates this, and context proves it.

    Now we shall see who was asking a question.
    Someone wrote this:
    "The difference between a JW and an IDIOT????"
    Well it is a question (question marks galore providing prima facie evidence thereof)!

    And - ahem - the author of this question is - KISMET!

    At which point I shall requote Kismet:

    A JW didn't ask this question.

    With the implication that not a JW but an idiot asked this question - an idiot called Kismet, one can but presume!

    Don't abuse yourself in this way.. let me help you with your self-image problem!

    Kismet - who'll take a shot at an open net any day

    While the propulsion of spheroids is a pastime of no interest to me - I think what Kismet scored in its (goal)post here is termed an "own goal"

    No hard feelings. You seem to like being dismantled from time-to-time - remember the F iend episode? - so I feel it would be churlish not to oblige. Why not prepare by tussling with the deputies first - even Lennox needed to practise!

    (Walks-on-H2O Class)

  • Kismet

    I'll give you points for that comeback Focus. LOL

    Technically you are correct in that your original title was an incomplete sentence without punctuation at the end.

    Thus in order for questioning or inquisitive minds to satisfy their questionings they had to open your thread to determine the remainder of the statement.

    Since it was intended to cause questions with the anticipated result being the opening of your thread, the incomplete sentence could loosely be referred to as a question or a leading statement

    I should have known to be more specific with you. You are too much like Friend then you may care to admit.


  • larc


    Are you an attorney? If not, you missed your calling.

  • TR


    My hubby is becoming more and more inactive, but it will probably be many years, if ever, before we will ever be able to discuss the whole subject without a flare-up in tempers

    Well, it looks like his idiocy is wearing off! This is good. It doesn't sound like your husband thought long and hard about the situation. He still wanted to believe, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. I guess that's normal. Maybe he was just scared for his life, and yours.

    As for my situation, when I became a JW, it was years before there were many publications or the internet to look at. She is Catholic, so a lot of the teachings were alien to her. Also, I was an idiot AND a jerk to her because she wasn't interested in the WTS, and that turned her off. My wife is sharp and stubborn. She doesn't fall for goofy things very easy.

    I have one brother who is a JW, along with his family and in-laws. He's, how you say, "spiritually weak", in other words, He finds better things to do than slave constantly for the WTS.


  • myMichelle

    Hey, thanks TR, I appreciate your response.


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