Where all the Brothers at?

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  • Gideon

    Thanks to all of you for your warm Brotherly and Sisterly welcome. I found what Aztec and Rayzorblade wrote touching. Also Rayzorblade my family and I would go to Toronto every couple of years and of course we have visited the Canadian WT Branch several times there in Georgetown.

    In continuation of my exit account: My family became FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVES.

    Let me explain, we FAITHFULLY tried to the best of our ability to pursue our God given rights to Christian Freedom. And we Discreetly went about this for six months talking to as many family members and friends as Possible.

    Following the pattern that my Children and I were accustomed to we unanimously decided to commence a study of the scriptures using In search of Christian Freedom as our principle textbook. And during this time my kids being in their late teens continue to associate with the only friends they had known JW’s. Of course this created quite a disruption within the witness community because, my kids have always been view as exemplary, so the parents were in an uproar because they did not want their children to start thinking that you could not attend meetings or not go out in field service and be happy and go to witness gatherings.

    When asked what we as a family were doing the standard reply was “were studying the bible at home “ and “were in between changing cong.”.

    We had one family member who is a long time JW that we had reservations about, who was told by another JW who went to our cong. that our family no longer attended the hall. She started asking around and one day approached a family member and stated, “she wanted to know what we knew” she was told and subsequently obtained her own personal copy of In search of Christian Freedom. To our surprise she appeared to progress quite rapidly. This verifies a fact of come to live by “ You never really Know what a Jehovah’s Witness Think s . Due to the progress shown by his mother and at her prompting my kids decided to talk her son a lifetime JW and a young elder. They used only the bible and pretty much boxed his ears. At that point he felt that something was amiss. He rushed to his mother’s home to see if she knew what was going on. She spilled her guts and subsequently capitulated. She did what she said that she wouldn’t do “shun her family”.

    Her elder son went to the CO and our BOE and reported my family and gave them the concrete evidence they had been looking for during the past five months. You see I /WE had become adept at avoiding the sheparding/investigative committee visits that the elders were trying to initiate.

    To be continued…………………………


  • berylblue

    Speaking of being black or white, a householder once let me (white) and a friend (black) in to chat in a predominantly black territory. When we left, she (black) told us (black and white) that the only reason she (black) had let us in (black and white) was because she had never seen a white Witness (me ) before.



    (singing that awful song, "The World Is Black, The World is White")

  • chester


    The story of your exit is very interesting. We are all looking foward to hearing the continuation.


  • teejay

    >> Gideon, I'm so white I'm practically translucent ... slipnslidemaster

    That was the funniest thing I'd read all day, Slippy, until I read what OUTLAW said:

    >> I`m so white,I glow in the dark..LOL!...OUTLAW

    Y'all so crazy!

    What up, Gideon?

    Glad you and summah your peeps made it out. Looking forward to hearing / reading your thoughts on various matters as they come up for discussion as well as the final installment on your exit.


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