So...what do you think about The United States of America?

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  • millie210

    If it is true that the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still function is a sign of first-rate intelligence then I tip my hat to the U.S.A.

  • joe134cd

    This kind of sums it up really.

    (Q) How many Americans does it take to change a light bulb.

    (A) None because they think the world revolves around them.

    (Q) Why do Americans have big cars.

    (A) Because you need a big car to carry all that weight and attitude.

    Americans as a culture, I find to be self absorbed, demanding, over weight, loud and just down right rude. I think, this me first and to hell with anyone else ( first amendment) attitude has led to the problems they are now having with this Corona virus. Will they learn? I would very much doubt it.

    As a place to live. The only positive is that they have cheap fuel and eating out ( which is also a problem). For what you earn as opposed to lack of welfare and health care cost, I think I’d rather stay in my own country.

    Oh and I forgot to add, also the most medicated nation in the world.

  • titch

    Interesting, thought-provoking thread, Mr. Minimus. But, with me, I am ambivalent about the United States of America. I have a blase, cavalier, attitude towards it. And, I was born here. I was born in California, 66.5 years ago. So, that makes me a U.S. Citizen. But, am I "proud" to be an American? Well, no. not really, any more than I am proud to be a Californian, or a Southern Californian, or an Orange Countian. They just happen to be geographical locations on Planet Earth that I was born in, and now reside in. I suppose that the reason that I am NOT jingoistic and "gung-ho" toward the country might be because over the years, for the past 40 years or so, I have become VERY jaded and cynical. So, there you have it, Folks. Best Regards, all....


  • OnTheWayOut

    USA, you ignored Puerto Rico when it was devastated. Your leader downplayed a pandemic and magnified the consequences. Your Congress spent trillions on making rich people feel a sense of hope for themselves and threw some crumbs to the people.

    USA, you have homeless people and vacant buildings sharing the same areas. You have humongous healthcare costs and kept healthcare linked to employment, then destroyed your economy and the employment.

    USA, you have no national standards for caring for the health or the education of the people.

    Other countries have felt that Americans are ignorant and rude and self-centered. And then with Bozo in charge, their feelings were confirmed.

  • LV101

    OTWO - Recall corruption/fraud in the Puerto Rican crisis but I've not researched. Puerto Rican friends here love it's beauty but never want to return because of the crime/thugs.

    millie210 - thx for the great link - Lee Greenwood use to be a dealer on the Las Vegas strip. I think that hit alone set him up for life. He and Cheryl Crow (and countless others) have done well for themselves considering they use to stand and flip cards (low or no education required) in the city where that ugly word 'capitalism' runs on high.

  • lastmanstanding

    In Canada we think of America as the lunatic asylum to the south. Greed, hate, corruption... completely Darwinian, me first arrogance.

    you asked...

    Only from there could spawn and support a religion like JWs, and throw in Mormons and Scientologists

  • millie210

    Thank you LV101.

    Raised as a JW I wasnt exposed to politics much and it was considered a bad thing in general as you all know.

    In addition, my parent worked at a university and it was not uncommon for me to hear many ranges of thought around the dinner table as guests from many different countries (especially India for some reason)exchanged ideas over dinner.

    While I reject the whole JW concept of "replacing ones natural family with a 'worldwide' brotherhood" as a cult move on the JWs part, I do still embrace the idea that on this planet we are all a brotherhood of humanity and that the average person gets that regardless of their country.

    Now that I have left the JWs I am trying to form a political opinion so I'm light years behind in that regard, I realize that. I usually don't make political statements on this forum because I am aware I am a novice.

    One thing I have noticed is that people who hotly criticize America on this thread are careful not to state what country they think is better.

    The exception being lastmanstanding and the thoughts on Canada - Canada is a beautiful country with much to recommend it.

  • LV101

    lastmanstanding - why is my area full of canadians - they flee here and become citizens and couple care less about dual-citizenship (if it's even allowed now or ever was). They really race down here when they're sick and need a doctor and MRI machine. Everyone use to be from the east coast and today the fleeing Canadians are just as many.

    Canadians told me the disadvantaged there are contained in areas in Canada and patrolled/not allowed to run all over. Maybe it's changed - I was told this about 5-6 yrs. ago. Doctors have many Canadian patients or the ones that can afford to travel.

  • LV101

    You're welcome, millie210 - good luck re/your political decisions. It's good you've an open mind to consider it all - time consuming but the news blasting 24/7 helps - I'll leave it there/hahaha. In the late 60s it seemed so obvious to side with the Dems re/the Viet Nam horror - in San Francisco we were quite aware of the planes arriving with bodies of deceased soldiers. My cousins (males - and I had quite a few w/my mother having 7 siblings) subject to the VN war. Female cousins - not a problem back then but I've known of a few military women/high positions here - quite educated women with families. Diifferent world today and, thankfully, much has changed.

  • millie210

    What a varied background you have LV101.

    I can definitely see why it seemed so obvious siding with the Dems regarding Vietnam - especially given the area of San Francisco.

    I see a lot of good on both sides. I am pro choice for example but I am not in favor of willy-nilly mass immigration without a controlled and measured plan. I am also not in favor of huge government or half our country being on disability - many also addicted to prescription drugs (dont even get me started on my thoughts about big Pharma and how it is eroding American society) and with relatively minor problems that they could work if it were not so easy not to.

    I have taken some of the tests on here that help a person define their political views and they keep evolving as I evolve. It helps that I have 2 children, both former pioneers who have left the JWs also and one of them embraces Buddhism and the other is a Libertarian.

    I am currently reading the book "The Art of War" and while watching the news (as you mentioned above) I am looking for the principals in the book as they are being applied in the campaigning. Makes it more enlightening for me!

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