My Bible Study Conductor's Letter to Me

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I disagree with some who have said that Friendship and or Love is unconditional. We all place conditions, large and small, on our friends and loved ones. If I had a friend or loved one who became disagreeable, or was late or didn't show up most of the time, became a slob, wasn't honest or who started doing things or supporting something I though was wrong, I might choose not to associate with him anymore until he changed.

    Your friend wants you to be what she wants you to be. You knew her via the JW's and she wants you to be like you were back then, however you have grown up and are not the idealistic and easily impressed 19 year old you once were and that's normal, you're not supposed to be.

    She has every right to place her own conditions on her side of the friendship but you don't have to buy into the idea that just because this woman that you're viewing with your 19 year old eyes doesn't agree with your choices, you re the problem in this situation.

    I think her letter was condescending, manipulative and full of those odd JW catch phrases designed to make the user (her) sound and feel as if they are on a higher more virtuous plane than the the recipient (you). She liked you better back in the day when using them on you had the desired effect.

  • stillin

    She has lost her bragging rights. Missionaries love to relate how they helped form 46 congregations while they were serving as missionaries. So many studies ! Busy in the Lord's work. Used by Jehovah in a great way.Blahblahblah. The brother that studied with me was always pushing me to pioneer or to be an elder, but he himself was neither of those things. Why was he pushing me? Bragging rights. I was his little trophy that he could tell people how bad I was before he studied with me. What a hopeless case I was and how well he must have taught me about his flawed religion. And now, because of his great teaching ability, I have gone on to greatness.

    Sad to say that some, if not all, of your friends' sadness is simply for herself.

  • ohnightdivine

    Hi stillin,

    I thought about that exact thing, too. Bragging rights. Thanks for mentioning it.

    To Pete Zahut and all the other good people who commented here, I really appreciate your time and sharing your thoughts.. It's helping me accept that what has happened was not normal, and that I am ok to feel this way. I think I can recover from this without the baggage of my own self doubts.

  • blondie

    I would say I did not give unconditional to my pedophile father nor would I recommend anyone else do that regarding any pedophile. If god can kill little children forever for the sins of their parents, I don't feel this is wrong.

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