Were You One Of Those That Was Always Looking For The Perfect Kingdom Hall?

by minimus 28 Replies latest jw experiences

  • minimus

    I remember, especially in the 70's and 80's, how certain ones would go from Hall to Hall looking for the perfect congregation. You know, the place that had the best elders, the area that you could "grow" in. Maybe it was the Hall that had all the families or best association. When the transients would settle in their new congregation, EVERYTHING was UNBELIEVABLY wonderful. But after a percieved wrong look or snub, it was time to find "nirvana" again. Were you one of those that tried to find happiness in a new area, only to be disappointed? Did you know of any like this that were willing to go to the ends of the earth so that they could be happy in the "truth"?

  • riz

    so do you like have a book full of questions or do you just pull them out of your ass?

  • blondie

    Not any more. I did think that the problem were specific individuals, now I realize that it is the whole WT institution. Good people are spoiled by the bad policies or leave.

    As far as questions from their arse, the WTS pulls them from there at every meeting, riz, and theirs are a whole lot worse than anything minimus has posted here.


  • minimus

    Ouch, my ass hurts! How did all those questions get there? Hmm,I wonder if Riz was one of those always searching.

  • xjw_b12
    so do you like have a book full of questions or do you just pull them out of your ass?

    riz.....ROFLMAO ! Min. I think Stephanus found the perfect hall in Australia Austinmer / Bulli cong. or what's left of it ! alt

  • mattnoel

    Riz that was harsh

    But XJW the best cong I have ever seen is right there in that pic. I wonder if there is any JW's under the rubble ?

  • DanTheMan

    I changed KH's a couple of times during my relatively brief (10 year) JW tenure.

    I never got along with JW's all that well. I'm sure I'm missed by relatively few.

    Dan, Watchtower-flunky class

  • RandomTask

    We were at the end and then we left and that put an end to our search

  • minimus

    The question I have is, were you looking for the perfect Hall because you really thought that since this was the truth, you must be missing something and you got a bum deal? That there must be that congregation where there's real love and joy.

  • Brummie

    Minmus we were not allowed to go to other kh's outside of our territory. I remember attending, 3 times in a row, a KH where my Uncle is an elder simply because of situations were I was late to attend my own KH, I got pulled up on this and told in no uncertain terms that it was WRONG to visit outside of the arrangement.

    In saying that I do know of a couple of brothers who moved home and KH simply because they wanted to be "elders" and our KH didnt appoint elders easily. I could never understand why people so eagerly wanted to be elders to the point of leaving one KH to go to another just to get appointed, power freaks.


    edited to add: No I didnt think there was other kingdom halls that were more loving etc, I seemed to always meet bros&sis who complained about the problems in their kh's.

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