February 2018 Watchtower - Addressing abuse Victims

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  • LV101
    Vid - the "transitioning" makes sense and it's still too good a deal for the cult. As long as they're being exposed, losing members and money we have to be grateful. It was speculated and predicted years ago on H20 with the internet and we're finally seeing progress. It's certainly hard to believe!
  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation (Publishing house) has been devilishly corrupt, lying, self serving, pretentious, unscriptural and has enacted through the proliferation of its literature in sinful apostasy .

    Part of the pretentious endeavor was the intentional cover up of pedophilia by some of its own members as an attempt to show the righteousness of their organization as a whole.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    There is something about using the ancient Israelite culture as a parallel to modern society that feels so wrong.

    Instead of directly addressing the massive problem of the mishandling of child abuse, we are taken on a speculative journey into what life might have been like 3000 yrs ago in the middle east, a culture that would seem alien to us in 2018.

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