Jehovah will lovingly Erase the Memories of Your Dead love Ones From Your Mind!foyarse e

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  • smiddy3

    If all memory of the past is erased ,JW`s living in paradise ,they will all be living back in the stone age .

  • atomant

    zeb that's a good point you raised.Without knowing the past ( history) the same mistakes are likely to keep recurring.

  • nowwhat?

    Joe flabeets is killed in a car crash. Wakes up in "paradise" first thing he asks is where's my family? Oh they were destroyed in Armageddon! Now does that make sense?

  • WTWizard

    That, along with whatever else makes life worthwhile and you an individual. You see, remembering anything that might connect you with a past event or something good might connect you to energy that is not joke-hova, a major violation of Noahide Law. Whether this is in the form of a favorite song, memory of people you used to enjoy, or other connections (sentimental value), it violates the law against "idolatry". And yes, this is the worst law--even worse than Sharia Law at its terrible, anti-women worst (Noahide Law is just as bad in this aspect as Sharia).

    And yes, that thing will erase all such memories. Along with your head (the penalty under Noahide Law for breaking the rules is beheading--Sharia Law has you stoned to death). That will do a permanent job--one more reason not to carry around and use that stupid bible to help create that messiah that will impose this ultimate barbaric law on the whole planet.

  • tiki

    This one always used to bug me....people who experience or witness devastating events where human life is lost have serious psychological reactions...ptsd...and other emotionally crippling responses. I often wondered how Armageddon survivors would cope with the carnage.....and had to put it out of my mind thinking God would numb the minds and emotions as a protection....

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    If you met someone on the the street and they told you how they were very happy serving their god however their children decided to join a different religion. So of course they had to shun them. Because of their decision their god now has no choice but to kill them off an millions more.

    Then they tell you "The good news I can't remember any of this now."

    What would you say to this person?

    I would say which way is it to Jones town?

    How can millions not see this insanity?

  • blondie

    Here is the scripture the WTS tries to use to support this cruel doctrine.

    The Former Things Will Not Be Called to Mind

    MEMORIES can be a blessing. Reflecting on pleasant times with loved ones can warm our heart. But in other cases, memories may seem more like a curse. Are you plagued by painful memories of hurtful past experiences? If so, you may wonder, ‘Will these sad memories ever fade from my mind?’ We find a most reassuring answer in words recorded by the prophet Isaiah.​—Read Isaiah 65:17.

  • menrov

    Then the expression "see you in paradise" is hollow as you would not remember anyone anymore.

  • Vidiot

    When I (finally) realized that who I was as a person was a direct result of all my experiences... i.e. memories, good and bad ...

    ...the prospect of having that wiped out - even the "bad" - disturbed the shit out of me.

    Of course, if you don't actually like who you are as a person, I suppose the prospect might be appealing.

  • redvip2000

    Ahh the beauty of resolving things by magic. Why even have a paradise at all?

    Why doesn't Jellohoba just put everybody in a permanent coma and then just make all of the brains think they are living in paradise?

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