How did Adam and Eve survive when kicked out of the Garden of Eden?

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  • waton
    The distance between earth and sun varies. as much as 5 million Km which is a substantial amount.

    Ibio: That is an ~3% difference in orbit radius between Winter and Summer, and as I said, we here in the North are closer by that much to the Sun in the Winter!

    Life would not have flourished on this planet, would it not have got stuck in the Goldilocks zone.

    But think, not only did we have talking snakes*, also A&E lived to be over 900 years, with an accursed ground, vegetarians all, offering the rotting, forbidden to eat meat on the altars like Abel.

    *Animals were still talking in the time of Little red Riding Hood. Baalam.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i have zero interest in bible fairy tales.

    i'm on here for up to date information about the decline and fall of the watchtower empire.

  • waton
    i'm on here for up to date information about the decline and fall of the watchtower empire.

    stan, that is why it is important to show, that the beliefs on which the mentality of that empire rests is Bible fairy tales.Without talking snakes, earth swallowing people, on command, water over everest, Earth rotation stopping and reversing, walking on water.--- which are constantly recited to the members, the house of wt doctrinal carts would not exist.

    That is not to say that there is not something special about our place in the Sun.


    post 129.

  • punkofnice
    Lappy - It’s funny how a simple question...........

    This is how I started my waking up process. Questions are deadly to religious beliefs.

  • RubaDub

    How did Adam and Eve survive ... ?

    Obviously they had to cultivate the ground, mow their own grass, trim their own trees and bushes. Presumably no "illegals" around to do their landscaping.

    I don't know how to pronounce "Home Depot" or "Lowes" in Hebrew but those places would be the first places I would think to go.

    Rub a Dub

  • waton

    Ibi overlapping: Adam and Eve exited Eden about 6000 years ago, right? if you count all the begats!. They would have had no problem to get help to survive. in their neighbourhood there were massive buildings erected for ~ 6000 years before their exodus, and agriculture too flourished that long. both overlapping them by 100% in time

    believe in that.

  • punkofnice
  • redvip2000
    The sun is about 93 million miles away from Earth If ... If Earth were closer to the sun, however, the oceans would boil away. and if farther we would not be able to live on earth
    And if that had happened, we wouldnt be here. That's the whole point.
    Take a dining table, place a heat lamp at each end of the table. Then take handful of chocolate candy and throw it in the air, and they scatter around the table. One piece falls exactly in the center of the table, far enough from each lamp that it does not melt, the rest melt. That same silly argument could be made, that someone must have specifically placed that piece of candy in the exact position so that it woudn't melt.
    Nobody placed the earth here. It just happened to be the planet that developed in the right region of the solar system and this facilitated the right conditions for life. It is especially helpful to consider the gzillions of planets that are all over the universe and that serve no purpose other than existing,
  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Adam and Eve evidently used wireless technology because archeologists have dug down thirty feet and found nothing. used flying dinosaurs for delivery because Adam may have been put out of the garden of Eden, but nothing is said about all the animals not being submissive to him.

  • peacefulpete

    Probabilities are easily misused. If I toss a small handful of salt on the table, what are the odds of each particle ending up in the exact positions they do. The predictive odds against it would be a number so large as to be impossible to calculate. Yet there it is! I pick up the salt and repeat, different but yet similarly "impossible" result. Was there a guiding intelligence for that to happen? Am I a miracle worker? Of course not, it was a combination of many factors and forces, all natural. Whats more, now that the handful of sand has been thrown, the actual probability of it ending up exactly as it did was 100% because it happened. And same with the next handful. That is how easily probability can be misused by those with an issue with evolution.

    Now If I were to insist upon repeatability of the results, then probability becomes meaningful. My being able to throw the salt and have the results be identical to the first toss would be a miracle, that is unless I was given billions and billions of attempts. Remember, even what seems statistically impossible happens when given sufficient attempts and the outcome isn't prevented by the properties of the salt and table etc.

    To continue this illustration, within chemistry and physics there exists a tendency for stasis, IOW elements, objects and forces interact in predictable ways due to the properties of the elements, objects and forces until reactions stop or a new reaction begins that was made possible by the first. There are a limited number of combinations and as a result if we know sufficient details they are fully predictable. Through these inanimate and natural interactions we get complex results, activity, assembly of exotic compounds, wonderfully sophisticated crystalline structures etc. without any outside designer. This predictability greatly alters the statistical probabilities in that among what might be millions of hypothetical combinations in fact there may be only a few possible ones. Even my handful of salt has a limited, albeit large, number of actually possible outcomes. So prohibitive mathematical arguments need to be taken with a grain of salt.

    In biology, which is an extension of chemistry, we have the added benefit of accumulation of chance outcomes by means of a selection process. An emergent character of RNA/DNA (and their predecessors) is that errors in the chemistry can be preserved or not dependent of its effect on viability. There have been many computer models of this effect. Random errors are selected through an elimination process and in a stunningly short time what was random takes on a character and appearance of design. Do a google. Anyway, the simplistic statistical analyses of evolution that seem persuasive arguments against it having happened are rooted in a mistaken premise that all theoretical possibilities are equally probable, disregard for time and scale of the early universe and ignoring the selection processes that preserve outcomes that favor the organism.

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