Defining Christianity

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    An old thread, indeed. It even predates my time here!

    If the appelation "Christ" means anointed, then is should rightly apply to all Christians "anointed with the Holy Spirit (and I don't mean just those abusing the title "born again" and/or speaking in tongues). Few would call themselves a Christ, but they'll happily reserve that title to Jesus and call themselves Christians. I guess its akin to when we were called Jehovahs by kids at school.

    In a gnostic sense, attaining gnosis might be deemed this point.

    In one sense (though I'm loath to admit it) the WTS has it right in that there are folks who are "anointed" and come into a relationship with Christ as their mediator. Where they have it wrong is in restricting it and assaulting peoples' sensibilities by actively discouraging folks from attaining this.

    My own opinion os that it includes anyone who has a personal relationship with Christ, no matter how slowly that realisation came upon them (for not all have a "Damascus Road" experience).

    As for Christ as the only door, I like how CS Lewis puts it (and I paraphrase) "might it be that folks access God through Christ, even if they don't know it?" I certainly know that I access many rooms in my house without even acknowledging the doors that I pass to get there. And as for the "Names" of God - well there nearly as many as there are languages!

    So many opinions...

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