JW elders TAUGHT to treat Higher Education as WRONG!

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  • hoser

    People need to learn to not become emotionally attached to a situation. It’s too easy for others to control you.

    One elder I knew carried a resignation letter in his briefcase. He was a good elder but wouldn’t allow himself to be manipulated.

    When things got heated he would pull out the letter and offer to hand it to the PO. That would end the conversation and he would remain an elder.

    Going through any kind of meeting as depicted in this video is demeaning, humiliating and likely to cause life long trauma.

    Pimo elders. Have your resignation letter ready to hand to them.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    They are still banging on about HE in the August broadcast. Usual scene, lovely looking young female witness being encouraged to go to Uni by a teacher. She is of course the best student in the school, easily get a scholarship ...... Sorry, I don't want to spoil this for anyone planning to watch it!

    The other teen is a guy who is fancied by the best looking girl.... well you know the score. He has to break it off.

    Why was it that when I was at school the best lookers never fancied me? Possibly because I was a bit of a 50/60's yob.


  • HiddlesWife

    And will WT give even a SMIDGEN of funds to help their members--now called "MINISTERS"--when these folks are down and out: All due to the fact that since many do not have the adequate education [there are some dubs who have been discouraged from finishing high school (and some are told not to finish middle school?)] to support themselves, they have been left, as a familiar scripture states. "left begging for bread"; doing so in that they have to not only ask/apply for government assistance but some have asked other dubs time and time again for monetary help! WT really wants to see their followers become and in most cases remain: THE MOST UN/ UNDEREDUCATED AND POOREST PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF PLANET EARTH!

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, the religion has reached the height of absurdity with knocking college education for the umpteenth time. I wonder how anybody with an ounce of intelligence can even listen at this point.

    I have never heard of the JW religion providing material/financial aid to anybody ‘down and out’.. They have no social programs like Christendom has!.. Nobody should forget Witnesses are ‘down and out’ because they followed the religion’s dictates not to get college/careers.

    They told people years ago they wouldn’t need to prepare for retirement because ‘Armageddon’ would arrive in time to save them. I was one of the young people back then who heard these very words but thankfully did not pay any heed or else I would not be Retired today.. I’m ‘Faded’ from the religion over two decades so I’m not around to hear Witness sob stories.. Hopefully, maybe some brothers with businesses might be able to offer jobs to some of these JWs.

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