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  • kat_newmas

    If you mean like "lizard people alien from the planet Zarkon" type alien... then I doubt it. I doubt, given the overall intelligence of the human race; that "aliens" would have to go that far to control the planet earth.

    I mean, we are a species that once believed that the sun was "riding" across the sky, and that little blue people come to life and dance around children's beds while they sleep. So I dont see the need for a really inteligent being to go to such great lengths to get us.

    But if Jehovah is an alien, he better hurry up and land the mother ship.... cause we are starting to figure out that dinosaurs were here a million years ago, and that the earth is a little older than six-thousand years.

    Blue people. . . need I say more.... little tiny blue people, and they eat red berries and sing songs, and make smurfberry wine and..... yeah... aliens.

  • nightwarrior

    Well i did say it was a funny five minutes thanks for your thoughts people,

    Kat is that an alien in front or behind you ,as most aliens do suddenly appear without there clothes on,say somewhere in the woods ,then they sort of find someomne to take there clothes of but guess not in your case ,or are you an alien looking for a victim ,?////told you itwas a funny five minute thing, thanks for your input so far people.

    agarpe love to you all

  • kat_newmas

    um... no... that is a tree behind me... I am the naked one. The pic was from a photo shoot to promote a string of art called "Kat Newmas in his Natural Environment". I sort of Identify with cats... cause they avoid the humans, until they need to be fed or have their ears scratched.

    And um... most humans actually appear naked at first... then someone tells them it is shameful, and forces them to put clothing on.

    But I know... its all in fun.... Kat Newmas will tolerate humans being funny....

    Kat purrrs and scurries off into the darkness, hoping to find a ball of yarn to play with.

  • ISP

    Jehovah God is the JWs super hero deity thing........his name means 'He becomes what we want him to be'.........bit like the Silver Surfer.......


  • ISP

    Here ya go...the JW god uses anti-matter!!!

    Beat that!


  • seedy3

    It's intersting that this subject came up, I was doing some research one time and came across this site for the Daughters of Ma, they call their beleifs "The Way"

    It is a very interesting read


  • gitasatsangha

    according to the Church of the SubGenius, Jehovah is an alien star god which threatens the earth.


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