After leaving the JWs - Has anyone stayed with Christianity?

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  • Vidiot

    It always mystifies me when an XJW joins up with another Christian church (particularly an Evangelical one).

    You'd have thought they'd had enough of that sort of thing by now.

  • SummerAngel

    I went into Christian church about 3 years after being de dubbed. I've been Christian over 25 yes and worshipped at a huge range of churches from bells and smells to wild and woolly.

    I still have trust issues and def control issues I've learnt that the fault lies with how people interpret their faith not the belief itself. I run a mile from anything controlling eg new frontiers and I'm not religious I just have a faith.

    I think sometimes when ex jws run down churches its because they still hold the views of Christianity that the WT gives them I wonder how many people have actually tried it. I also think that the WT teaches the misguided view that each church holds a different belief so how do you choose, its the old uniformity does not mean together. Very few Christian churches claim to have exclusive truth if they do then avoid. Most whether baptist, Anglican, free etc would regard themselves as Christian with the same gospel.

    There are good and bad in all denominations and its free choice at the end of the dsy

  • EverApostate

    I came out of the JW cult and did a research on religions and discovered that there is nothing such as a God.

    Since then, whenever I get a chance, I participate in any open religious ceremonies, for the sake of people and for merely fun. Love Church Choirs and songs.

  • jp1692

    My JW indoctrination successfully convinced me that all OTHER religions are false. When I realized that JWs are a cult there was no religion left to want to be part of.

    I'm not big on labels, but I guess you could call me "Spiritual, but not religious" (SBNR).

  • JRK

    My personal experience is no, I was done with religion after leaving the JWs.

    I know of people that left and got sucked into other cults. One went into Scientology and another became Mormon.

    Some others leave and look for a mainstream religion. One of my best friends started like that but later evolved into a total atheist.

    Just do what you want for now, and know that you are free to develop into the true "you" over time. Life is not a race!



    After 45 years as a Jehovah's Witness, I walked away from all religions. I put all my trust in these idiots from New York and came away with this:

    All religions are created from mortal, sinful men who love power, fame, money, develop large egos, and want human worship. It becomes a means to control people. Religion becomes your judge and jury. You are never good enough and can't never do enough.

  • JeffT

    My wife and I went to an independent Christian church for a number of years after we left the JW's. My wife worked there for almost twenty years as teacher in, and director of, their preschool. We left that in 2009 after new managment did a bunch of things we didn't like, eventually culminating in my wife losing her job. Neither one of us has been to church since then. I still consider myself a Christian but see no need to belong to, or attend, any church.

  • Spiral

    I would classify myself as SBNR (or, as I like to think, Ethical AND Not Religious).

    Being raised a JW cured me of all religion. I agree that "Religion is a Snare and a Racket".

    Happy athiest here.

  • sparrowdown

    I now believe all organized religion to be one of the biggest scams pulled on mankind, usless at best, a divisive and destructive tool at its worst, so no.

    People can be "moral" principled, honest and "good" without the excuse of "my religion says so." In fact, come to think of it if someone chooses to be all those things without the promise of heaven or threat of hell surely they would technically be more moral, principled, honest and good wouldn't they?

  • EdenOne

    Agnostic and Apatheist. I came to the conclusion that Christianity is largely based on myth and therefore nothing more than just another (poorly thought-through ) philosophy.

    I came to think that the whole notion of a personal God is a delusion. Could there be a god (or deities) in some other shape or form? I don't know, and possibly if there is, it's not relevant to my life anyway.

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