Do You Have Any Elder Fantasies???

by minimus 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    COMF, he's probably dead by now. Regarding my fantasy of throwing the CO down a flight of stairs, I recently heard he's no longer "on the road" but is working in an office and suffering from severe diabetes. See...some fantasies do come true.......I know, not nice.

  • ISP

    I wouldn't mind delivering a truckload of horse manure to my PO.


  • ballistic

    Here's something I don't wish on any elder because it is just so damn cruel and the very thought of it fills me with horror; that on their death bed, their last dying thoughts contain a complete moment of clarity and the full realisation that they have spent their entire life living the lie called "the truth".

  • Elsewhere

    Elder Fantasies huh? Hmmmm

    How about a hot little Elderett bent over the little table on the stage?

    I'm sure we could put on quite a "demonstration" for everyone.

  • JH

    How about if they come over to my place to wash my feet.

  • kat_newmas

    My fantasy involves one elder in particular, and about ten feet of good strong rope. I would tie him to the back of the Saturn, and take a lil joy ride through a cow field. I would just keep yelling out the window "Hey! you gonna keep telling my mother she shouldnt see me? huh?" "I say, I cant hear you... well are ya or not?"

    but I am really a very peaceful man. I dont think I could ever actually hurt someone..... but you did say Fantasy.

  • minimus

    JH, are you talking about the elderettes washing your feet?

  • gumby

    Do I have fantasies about elders? Me ....a guy?

    Well............yeah. It's really embarrasing though. Anyways,

    I have this fantasies about being on a judicial committee with three elders in the room.....then I ask them all to pull down their pants and turn around.........then I kick them as hard as I can in the ass just for being dumb enough to be a dumbshit dub elder.......then I run like hell!

    End of fantasy


  • minimus

    Now Gumby, is this a sexual fantasy?

  • Mulan

    We had an elder, big guy, red hair.............I regularly had fantasies about him, when he gave talks. Oh yeah..........that was bigred! My hubby.

    Seriously, I know of an elder who has the most messed up family you can imagine, right down to his grandchildren. He is smug and arrogant and a real gestapo-type elder. I would love to tell him all the things I know about his kids, and grandkids, that I know he doesn't know. And there are some family secrets he thinks only the family knows. I would love to let him know how I believe "the truth" messed up his family, and that it is general knowledge.

    His eldest son (55 or so) and wife recently moved far away, to get away from his surveillance of their life.

    His granddaughter recently had a miscarriage, her second in three months. She didn't know who the father was either time. She is divorced with two small girls. She doesn't work, but has the younger one in welfare paid daycare, so she can play all day.

    His 20 year old grandson married a 40 year old woman, and they are miserable 6 years later.

    His 45 year old son is a real winner. Too much to go into here. He is divorced from my daughter in law's sister, and boy do I know stuff about him. He makes me want to gag.

    All these people (except the "loose" granddaughter) are JW's in good standing.

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