Do You Have Any Elder Fantasies???

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  • minimus

    Sphere gave a comment on my thread about wanting to beat someone up and he/she said that they had elder fantasies. Do you have any elder fantasies that you would like to share?

  • myself

    just one, to help one of my brothers (an elder of course) to see the wrongs of the WTBTS. The rest of my sibs have made it out of there.

  • songmistress

    Well, there was this really hot looking elder once that just made my toes curl and my heart pound... Oops probably is not the kind of fantasies you were asking for Min was it

  • blondie

    I wish I had to money to hire a PI to follow a certain elder. I'm sure I would find that he cheats on his wife while on the road.


  • Maverick

    I fantasize the look on their smug, arrogant faces when, if ever, they realize it was all just a lie and they have been worshipping the GB in Brooklyn. The Big Slow Dummies, (BSD)! Maverick

  • drawcad_1

    Everytime I saw this one elder go to the front to give a talk. I would imagine him pulling his bottom lip up over his head and completely swallowing himself.

    I always fantasized that an elder would see the hypocracy of the religion that they were trying to teach me, and that the answer “it will be revealed at a later date” was not good enough. Or, that if you could not answer my question then what the heck would a study accomplish.

    I wished one Elder would be able to see that we were laughing at him while he was at the podium and not his lame jokes.

    Just a few Elder fanatsies.

    Blondie: There was one Elder that always had to go out of town to find any kind of work. He was very talented and there were plenty of good jobs in our area. But, he had to go where the "real money was". When he came back we would all hear how he was able to witness to his fellow employees, but he didn't bring back a big warchest of money. I always wondered what those trips were about.

  • minimus

    One of my elder fantasies occured while I was standing at the foot of a stadium set of stairs and I saw the Circuit Overseer that I pretty much hated. I had to convince myself not to "accidentally" push him down the stairs and cry for help while he was falling down those steep stairs.....bad minimus!

  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    There is one elder in particular that I'd love to tie to a chair and wait, that was my dad. Oh, he IS an elder! I guess the fantasy fits then.


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Ok the elder who was key in my disfellowshipping is one who came on to me before.

    Anyway, I have dreamed that he gets caught out with a mistress and children she and he have together!

    Is that wicked?

    I really don’t want that to happen as he has kids and their lives would be ruined it just is a dream I have had while sleeping.

    Ty 4 listening,

    Ciao 4 now,


  • COMF

    There was a very narrow-minded, vindictive elder in my home congregation, judgmental, quick to anger, and more concerned with appearances than truth. He was married but had no children. Pioneered and lived in a little trailer house; drove a bus and repaired Volkswagens for a living.

    He was in his 50's back then, in the late 70's. I'd like to see him now. How arrogant is he now that he's about to outlive his usefulness to the society, their promises have not come true, and he's facing old age with no nest egg?

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