Couldn't take it anymore.

by Darkknight757 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Heaven

    Darkknight said: So basically if the wife and I fall off the earth today, does that mean we would never have the chance to see our babies again???!!

    Darkknight... just FYI... most of the people in the world are not Christian.

  • Sabin
    Darknight, you mention that she holds on to the hope of the resurrection in the hope of seeing your Babies again. If this is the case I would go slow, don't take everything away at once. You could keep Jah/Jesus/bilble in place for the moment & just get her away from the borg. To take it all away at once could cause depression & that is the last thing you want. She needs to be happy in leaving or there's a chance she'll end up going back. I agree with Zoo's on this. Exiting JW cult. (Bonnie Zieman) is an excellent choice as well especially for a woman, & it's not a big read 168pg. Big Hug for you both.

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