Couldn't take it anymore.

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  • Darkknight757

    So I decided yesterday to give my wife's full disclosure. Not sure it was the best decision considering she holds very firmly to the resurrection hope so we can see our babies again.

    Anyways she is agreeable to begin a study to find a better truth. Where is a good place to go to get some good reliable biblical info on the web that we can consider together?

    Would an NIV bible be a good translation to work with? Seems to me that Jesus and God are one and the same. The NWT bible doesn't make it very easy to explain...

  • Splash

    Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire.

    Take some time out and just be kind Christian people while you take stock of things.

    Jesus said to love your neighbour. There's your starting point.

  • tim3l0rd
    I bought the NIV Study Bible and enjoy it quite a bit. Someone also suggested the New Jerusalem Bible. I'm probably going to buy it as well.
  • TimDrake1914
    Personally, I would recommend the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). It was translated by a committee of established biblical scholars, using the the oldest and most reliable manuscripts available. From what I've read of it, it has the least theological bias of all the different translations out there.
  • Darkknight757

    Splash "Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire."

    Yea I think I got carried away after meeting last night. Had a headache from trying to block out all the nonsense and then that final song was like icing on the cake. Lost it for a bit.

    I'll probably pick up both those translations mentioned and give them a whirl. Thanks!

  • Crazyguy
    Yeah focus on the teachings of Jesus, love, love one another, don't judge,don't exalt show her this stuff first then start reading Romans , then Ephesians, Hebrews. Go slow focus on in the Gospels where Jesus is saying to all that believe are gods children Matt 12:50 as an example . Do these things and she will no longer buy into the Borg bs.
  • tim3l0rd
    that final song was like icing on the cake. Lost it for a bit.

    That song was horrendous. It was so cultish I couldn't stand it.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    If you just want to read the Bible and have FUN reading it, I suggest looking into "The Message". Very colloquial but I understand it is a translation.
  • leaving_quietly

    The Message bible is kinda fun to read, but it is really a highly paraphrased translation. I personally like the NIV, ESV and NET. The ESV is, IMO, closer to the original Greek, so in many places reads as unnaturally as the NWT. But the same biases aren't there (though I'm sure there are other biases).

    You could always download the YouVersion app to your mobile devices and choose nearly any translation you want without spending a dime.

  • NeverKnew

    Depends on what you're looking for and its very important to know the difference. Google "word for word" (formal equivalence) and "thought for thought" (dynamic equivalence) Bibles.

    The word for word translations that I prefer are the Holman Christian and ESV. They are both nice mixtures of word for word and thought for thought.

    An interlinear is the best word for word but you end up missing the message through the translation.

    Some paraphrased and thought for thought translations COULD come off as doctrinally biased if you've been a witness for long BUT I have had more than one Witness tell me that by reading these versions they realized that the info they were getting had to be in error and it made them do further research. The versions they read was the Good News Bible.

    The NIV is a thought for thought translation

    If it were me, I'd get the point of the scripture (forest) and then analyze the words (trees).

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