They're now asking people to clean at Bethel?

by onightdivine 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • sowhatnow
    Im the Queen of Clean, so, whats it pay? lol
  • OneFingerSalute

    I wonder how many of the Gibbering Body willingly reach out for the "privilege" of scrubbing the toilets of those whom they are supposed to "slave" for?

    Well not really. . .I know how many. NONE!

  • freddo

    Whitewashed graves.

    One of the only privileges left to the guy or gal that was on the wrong end of a public reproof was hall cleaning at his/her own hall.

    No answering/no microphone handling/no ministry school assignments - but yep you can still clean the bogs with your group after the ministry on a Saturday morning ...

  • blondie
    I thought the Bethelites were expected to clean their own rooms now and do their own laundry...didn't work so they are recruiting the rank and file?
  • pepperheart
    how low can they go
  • onightdivine

    I don't have all the info as to whether this is a one-time activity, or whether they'll be cleaning all the rooms and stuff.

    I should've asked my friend but I was laughing so hard inside I forgot to dig in for more.

    So I guess let's wait until there are other stories from other places before this thread gets more attention than it deserves..

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