Did You Ever Want To Beat Someone Up?

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  • minimus

    We hear how the miracle of the truth changes people. Those that had animalistic qualities have become sheep. Those that had violent tempers learned real self-control.If you're not a "believer" anymore, have you ever wanted to just smack a person because they irritated you?.....There is one CO that I wouldn't mind whacking, still, after all these years. Do you think I should dwell on this?

  • onacruse

    "Reach out and touch someone."

    No, I've never been that type, never will be. I feel for those that have left me, they were my friends and...lovers.


  • nativenyr23

    Most of my "twacking" fantansies have now been fulfilled after the Dallas Apostofest!!!

  • xenawarrior

    Nope- I hire native to do it for me

    BTW Native- the check is in the mail

    oh- the chat room "thwacks" don't count do they?


  • animal

    In all honesty, I have a past that, in some ways, I am not proud of.... I have wanted to and I have done it. Now tho, I dont get the urge to, even tho some people want me to do it. Now I just give the the old "F&%K OFF aura.. it works well.

    Animal (Ask Valis if he will pinch me EVER again?)

  • duckie

    Absolutly Min, dwell away, think up nasty horrible things, so long as you can avoid acually carrying them out you'll be fine, nothing wrong with good healthly evil thoughts every now and then.


  • gumby


    I've wanted to go to bethel when I knew the GB was having a meeting where they were all together......kick the door in and beat the piss out of all of them! Aren't I mean?

    In reality I have NEVER beat up anyone nor been in a fight..........but I still think I could kick the shit out of old Teddy J.


  • Guest 77
  • Guest 77
  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    No problem. Issues are settled right there and then. Being a witness never prevented from going into action.

    Guest 77

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