Blurring of genders

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  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    As sometimes happens at Elders meetings with the CO, he has a letter from the branch to read out. This rarely is made available later so any policies have to be acted on from memory. This visit a letter was read about blurring of the genders and in particular brothers dressing in a metrosexual style - tight clothing was mentioned again. Also mentioned (I wish I had an accurate recording of this) was that elders should watch out for any brother who displays effeminate traits, bearing or body language (without defining what they mean exactly) and to give counsel to them. In extreme cases ie not listening to the counsel, they should be stopped from sharing in field service. Sisters were mentioned briefly if wearing tight/revealing clothes.

    Anyone else had this during a visit?


  • cultBgone

    Good grief. All hail the Frumpiness Dress Code!

    And what about females who display masculine traits? Why are the gb so danged worried about gay men?

  • Giordano

    was that elders should watch out for any brother who displays effeminate traits, bearing or body language

    You know every time I see a picture or video of the GB I wonder.

    The Society and their 'company men' CO's and elders etc. fixate on appearance. Appearance, grooming, obedience, matching in step and of course $ mean more to them then anything else.

    "Dogs & Gays, not allowed" should be the sign outside of the K.H.

  • DarioKehl

    I keep hearing about this. Cedars posted about it on reddit the other day but emphasized that it's still hearsay.

    i hope to see proof of this, otherwise, it's just a rumor.


    It's not hearsay. There has been specific counsel given at assemblies about being "Metro." Here's the deal, as usual the WTBTS takes terms and uses them incorrectly.

    A metrosexual is a heterosexual male in the original usage. It's not an effeminate man, or a gay man who pretends to be straight. It's giving a shit about how you look, and having the money to do something about it.

    The GB would understandably loathe a young, attractive, heterosexual male with a large income. The GB want dumb, poor, slobs as the bulk of their followers. They save the more attractive "success stories" for their cult "after school specials."

    Hey, dumbass GB members! Take a look at the natural world. Attractive males who are good providers get to pass on their DNA. The ladies love attractive men. Evidently, Jeehoober loves attractive males too. Stop showing disrespect for Jeehoobie's creation.

    BTW, you may want to learn the difference between metrosexual dress and androgynous behavior. It's called a dictionary, assholes..


  • wallsofjericho

    I agree with this letter

    i think tight pants on men looks absurd

    and if a man portrays a homosexual style/appearance why would a religion that disagrees with homosexuality not have an interest in whether or not they shoukd publicly represent them in a church sponsored ministry?

    quit nitpicking about absolutely everything the BOrg says and focus on real issues like the GB and blood

  • millie210

    Whoa, hold up!

    I remember years ago we had a DFd person who insisted on going out in field service. Of course the elders were livid and called the Service Desk.

    What they were told is that they couldnt stop her.

    She didnt have to be recognized or included but if she went out on her own and started witnessing, they were to leave her alone. The reasoning was this was a commission laid upon everyone by Jesus and it was not specifically negated by her disfellowhipping.

    That is also why people who are reproved and lose privileges dont lose field service. Because it is a command not a privilege. So the elders take away things like commenting etc instead.

    So how did I miss this major shift in policy?

    Its laughable that they are now going to threaten people with yanking their "field service privilege" if this rumor is true. They already cant get people to go out in service as it is!

    Any of you elders past or current can you tell us if this is true?

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Why would anyone be surprised that the GB have an issue with "worldly" dress? Just look at those seven pasty white doughboys and it makes complete sense. What Data-Dog wrote is spot on. I am way past caring what the GB say but I do love an opportunity to laugh at those silly old geriatric doughboys who hold sway over millions of lives. It boggles my mind how people let these seven pathetic excuses for men dictate their lifestyles. I would love to shake their hands and bully them innocently with a little over zealous squeezing - there's nothing like some classic good old fashioned alpha male behavior to demonstrate just how much one is not intimidated by their soft pastry-like presence.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    "...elders should watch out for any brother who displays effeminate traits, bearing or body language (without defining what they mean exactly) and to give counsel to them."

    Maybe they could look up to this as an example:


    I would be happy if they would just stop misusing words on purpose. They just need to stand up for their beliefs and say, " We whole-heartedly believe the God will destroy all the gays." Instead the obfuscate all the issues and use deceptive tactics.


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