STAY ALIVE 'TIL 2132! -- Generation (X′+X″) <= (1914+λ[A′]-α[A′]+λ[A″]-α[A″]-x) <= 2132

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  • truthseeker100

    Evidently we are on to something Prologos

    formula: 2 times publisher time since 1914 plus 1914 equals A. bang.

    with that clarification it should be understandable by all. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • pbrow

    ummmm... you have a million dollar idea here gilgamesh.... Dont just give that away! You could start a movement that inspires millions because of your obvious higher brain power and close personal connections to god. I can hear it now...

    Were Gilgamesh Witnesses.. we speak out in fearlesness!! Ours is the God of true prohecyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... What he fortells comes to be.... in 2072


  • Gilgamesh

    I'm glad most people noticed that this was a joke. It was taken a little too seriously in a couple other places where this thing landed.

    It's true that if there was another person in exactly the same situation as FWF who also overlapped with him, we could reach 2072 using the Splaine/Watchtower rules embedded in the formula. The less-than-or-equal-to 2132 part is an absolute maximum still using Splane/Watchtower rules.

    But I just noticed a person's experience on named Robert Hatzfeld who could extend the maximum limit 27 years greater than FWF's case. Robert was born in Allegheny, Pittsburgh, PA in 1903, came to Bethel very young and became one of the first to work at radio station WBBR. The video here ( ) says he "served at Bethel for almost 75 years before finishing his earthly course in 2001."

    So, plugging his numbers into the formula and assuming there could be another person with his same numbers, we would have the Great Tribulation as late as 2099. (2099 <= 2132) This is only 33 years away from the maximim date of 2132 for the Great Tribulation.

    Witnesses.... start your 401(k)'s....

  • sammy
  • zeb

    All of which if it were anywhere near correct would indicate once again that the wts as others have before them attempted to predict when the 'second coming' would occur.

    They conjure in the over throw of an ancient city (the date).

    On a prior occasion believed the dimensions of the pyramids in feet despite the fact that the ancients never used the 'foot' as a form of measurement had some bearing then deny the followers anything above elementary education and hey presto they know when Jesus is about to come back. To find what? A mega wealthy org that gives nothing to feed the hungry, house the poor, or clothe the downtrodden or use its position for the uplift of its followers.

    In the midst of a huge war decide that Jehovah has had a change of mind on whether young men have to go to jail or do alternative service. So young men have spent years in prisons when they need not have.

    Devoid of the slightest stick of humility they never say "Sorry!" when they get it wrong or when the passage of time completely disabuses society of some predicted event. No then they say "we didn't say that" (1975 et al)but add then the filth the ulcers of paedophilia running at industrial levels around the world in its ranks then its cry to the r & for money for Jehovah's work that includes many multi million dollar payouts to victims of abuse by wt clergy in one form or another.

    Or did I get the formula wrong. rant over messages on a postcard.

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