Do Witnesses Experience Racial Discrimination To Your Knowledge?

by minimus 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • humbled

    Hiddleswife— a thread you started @ 2 years ago.

    I read it—the first thing l noticed was how civil the whole thing was. And it went all around.

  • sparrowdown

    Already been touched on but discrimination based on class and position is rife in the borg.

    The last cong I attended displayed a very strange form of "discrimination" if that's what you can call it.

    In a totally rural white on white area a black family moved in and they were treated like celebrity curiosities in this very condescending cringey way by the normally reserved to the point of cold locals. It was truly fascinating to watch. The children were oh so cute and dare I say it "like dolls" the family were "oh so lovely" and their hands were never missed come comment time.The brother was used instantly and often the sister was the new go-to for demos and everyone wanted to be their best friend. Now keep in mind this was an extremely stand-off-ish cong xenophobic to the extreme if someone turned up from outside the area, never really becoming part of the congregation, so the display that was put on for the new black family was very weird and very creepy.

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