Do Witnesses Experience Racial Discrimination To Your Knowledge?

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  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals
    The American Negroes . . .

    LOL, again!

    I saw racial discrimination from both sides during the 70's.

    A young, hotshot, upstart Black elder made it his business to point out perceived slights and prejudices of White JW's.

    An old White JW lady refused to attend any more meetings after they were integrated.

    Such ones merely paid lip service to a united brotherhood.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • new boy
    new boy

    An excerpt from my novel that will soon will be coming out.

    About only 15% of all Bethelites were black. However about 60% of the guys working in the bindery are black. This seemed odd to me how misappropriate the numbers were. I couldn’t help to ask Calvin Chyke one day as we were walking to the factory together why this was the case? He was in charge of factory personal at the time.

    He told me. “The black brothers had a natural rhythm that fits in well with the machines.”

    I guess this is one time when natural rhythm wasn’t an advantage.

    Ronnie Klineman from Ruston Louisiana. Told me my favorite story about Brother Swingle who was on the governing body. Ronnie sat on Lyman’s table. There happened to be a new black kid from Detroit assigned to Brother Swingle’s table. Of course as a new boy he was feeling pretty good about himself as most new boys do when they first get there.

    Lyman glanced over to him and said to him at lunch one day. "Boy would you please pass me the potatoes?"

    The black brother looked at Lyman with distain and fired back. "I'm not your boy!”

    To which Lyman said, not even batting an eye. "Nigger pass the potatoes."

    Hard to believe isn’t? Yes, Bethel was not the place to try and be uppity. Black or white we were all just boys in their eyes and of course they could say and do anything they wanted to us. Was this kid going to go and complain about something a member of the governing body said? I think not.

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals

    Lyman Swingle, the old smelly goat who married a Southern belle from Mobile, Alabama, I believe.

    The young brother should have called him an ofay wannabe anointed.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    He told me. “The black brothers had a natural rhythm that fits in well with the machines.” - XD


    F**k me that's funny. I think I'd be laughing my ass off at that if I was black, too.

    This was the politically-incorrect 70s.

    I'm sure God's one true organisation has progressed since then. XD

    Nope, still the f**kin same. XD

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The young brother should have called him an ofay wannabe anointed - he shoulda said "f**k off, cracker!" XD

  • Tara N Seals
    Tara N Seals



    We are going to burn, I tell you.

  • TD

    I remember hurt feelings when JW literature was going on and on about the "primitive jungle beat" in rock and roll music. It wasn't openly racist, but it might as well have been.

    I also remember "interracial couples" (I hate that term...) being welcome among JW's long before it was acceptable in society at large.

    So on the whole, I would say they have tried to stamp out this ugliness and have generally been pretty progressive.

  • HiddlesWife

    As I related in my past threads, WT has quite a number of racists within. My experiences regarding the treatment of interracial couples and relationships really show the mindset of hypocritical ones in this corporation. In fact, non-JDubs (of different racial backgrounds) were and are very shocked when I told them what I went through in the Borg regarding the above.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just wanna say that there's obviously a hierarchy within the WTS.

    The GB (mostly white) are the crackas.

    The rank&file (any colour) are the n1gg*s.

    That's a crude analysis but I think there's some truth in it.

  • Whynot

    YES! OMG YES! I live in the South (Bible Belt) of the USA. My family and I grew up in the Spanish congregation but we're American. I actually experienced more racism in the comgregation than in the world. It's disgraceful! Several of my friends from the south and some from Florida have told me that they raised to beleive that they shouldn't marry outside of their race and marrying a black person is completely unacceptable. These were also raised in "the truth".

    I knew 2 interracial couples who married and I asked them what their experience was and hiw much racism or opposition they encountered within the congregation. One couple said that it was a true test of their faith. A lot of jdubs were against it and even refused to speak to them. They even quoted from the Bible saying that it's against Jehivahs will. The other couple only had a few Jdubs who never spoke to them again but they didn't care. But both agreed that it opened their eyes to how many in "the truth" are horrible people and fake worshippers.

    I used to be friends with a jdub who stopped attending the Spanish cong. because she "didn't like the culture." She tokd me she was friends with me because I was Americanized lol.

    A group of us were trying to start a group in a foreign language and the people in the territory didn't want to continue to come to the English meetings because the white folk made them feel uncomfortable. We knew exactly what they were talking about. They were too indifferent towards us. Treated us differently. A lot of the jdubs in that cong would ask us "why don't they just learn English?" Ugh! It was horrible

    Now, I grew up in a different part of the USA where it's a beautiful soup of cultures. It was disturbing to see racism in the cong when I moved to the South.

    I haven't been around jdubs in almost a year and I since then have not heard or experienced any racism. It's dispicable! I'm learning to sorround myself with true friends these days and they're not jdubs.

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