What is the Education Level of the Governing Body members?

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  • LongHairGal

    Just guessing, I would say they are only high school educated unless one or more of them got a little more (technical school) in their early days.

    Probably no college courses and certainly no Associate's degree among them.

  • fiddler

    They will just throw back at anyone that they are in line with the Bible, (Acts 4:13) that they are unlettered and ordinary men. Well, not being impressed with most of what's in the Bible that doesn't mean anything to me, but for them...it's all the impressiveness they need. Theirs is a belief system based on fluff...I mean faith...not knowlege and reason.

  • zeb

    Lisa rose. "Most churches require a minimum of a bachelor degree " and as a big part of that is interpersonal skills--how to talk to and deal with people some thing apparently missing in the wt way of things..

  • menrov

    My view, and of course, cannot prove, their bible was based on other translations, English translations. Most English native speakers could develop a bible using the available English bibles with some interlinear translations and there you go. Who knows, may be W & H have helped them. I cannot proof it but also I cannot see any evidence that their NWT's are translated directly from the available Hebrew and Greek texts. And because they keep everything a secret, one wonders why...what is there to hide with regard to a translation??


    What is the Education Level of the Governing Body members?

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    Actually It`s..


  • smiddy

    Maybe they did an online course from the University of Paranoia .

  • stuckinarut2

    I can't remember which GB member it was (although I think it was ToMo3) who said in a talk that "Jehovah's people are the Thinkingest people on the planet"

    Yes, yes he actually said that....so that proves the level of education we are dealing with.....

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    But they've got Holy Spirit haven't they.

    Haven't they?


  • Wild_Thing
    Well, I hope for their sake, that "Holy Spirit" at least graduated high school.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    I have read of a court case where one of the gb/scholars was asked to read some Hebrew and he could not - yes, me too. From what I remember of the transcript it was Fred Franz.

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