Is Russia "right" about presecuting Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • galaxie

    The watchtower are getting a taste of their own medicine 're their shunning policy. If they return to Russia as good law abiding citizens im sure they'll be welcomed back with open arms.

  • cofty

    Your hatred for the Watchtower is causing you to side with a tyrant.

  • galaxie

    The tyranny of watchtower knows no least their are devices which could lead to toppling putin, or would that be interfering with his personal freedom to rule ?

  • cofty

    galaxie - you are better than that.

  • galaxie

    The topic for me is more about watchtower than Putin .. Personal freedoms which allow tyranny religious or political must have devices which have an objective of bringing about their downfall... Putin or Jehovah one is real the other is harder to deal with given that the human brain can be deceived into self sacrifice or murder in the name of supernatural bullshit.. Which is worse?

  • Corney

    Nathan Natas, I guess you justify the Holocaust in the same (sick) way, don't you?

    Brokeback Watchtower, Watchtower isn't controlled by the US Government and doesn't act in America's interests and contrary to Russia's ones. The Kremlin's paranoia isn't a proper reason for the persecutions.

    galaxie, Jehovah's Witnesses must be allowed to freely practice their faith. Period.

    As to Watchtower's accountability, I think government can restrict religious freedom when such restrictions address - and effectively - specific problematic practices and restrict personal freedom to the lesser extent (civil lawsuits, corporate fines, public investigations etc.). The campaign of terror launched by the Russian govt doesn't satisfy any of these conditions. Your reasoning ("Watchtower is bad therefore it's ok to persecute JWs") is equally applicable to the cases of Malawi and Nazi Germany, do you understand it?

  • Phizzy

    Correct me if I am wrong, but when I checked the relevant Russian law, Jehovah's Witnesses fulfilled most of the criteria (maybe all?) of how the law defines an extremist Organization. This should give any J.W pause for thought.

    Now, we may not agree with that law, or at least their application of that Law and the actions taken against JW's based upon it.

    But to waffle on about "Freedom of Religion" or " Freedom of Speech" in the context of Putin's Russia is just plain silly. As Cofty said above, Putin doesn't care about such things, and certainly not about Democracy.

    External influence, Public opinion, may just bring about a change in Russian Law, but don't hold your breath.

  • Steel

    Freedom of speech isn't freedom to yell fire in a crowded theatre. The WTS is built on insulting, annoying and slandering every other Christian denomination and destroying lives and families in the process.

    In World war 2 Russia lost 20 million people defending the motherland and To have a group of people going door to door telling people it is immoral to defend the country because a group of men in America say so is really insulting.

    Slippy slope ??? Yes.

    Is Russia better for it. Oh hell yeah.

  • Vidiot

    Authoritarian regimes know - and only care to know - one way to deal with threats... even minor ones.

  • LongHairGal

    I’m not surprised that Russia banned the seemingly innocuous JW religion.

    Here in the US the JWs are considered at best a nuisance and at worst a passive danger because of their clueless ignorance, inability to respect other people’s wishes even in small things like Do Not Call. Witnesses can cause trouble to an employer because of violating confidentiality and will leave a disaster in their wake. Never mind child abuse issues, lack of education leading to dependence on the system, mental health issues, indifference or lack of regard for the country they live in, etc.

    Maybe these things are tolerated in Western lands where other quirky and anti-social behaviors are shrugged off.. But, I’m not surprised they wouldn’t be tolerated over there.

    I am in favor of them being taxed or having restrictions put on them. That would be a kinder thing.

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