Two big points that need to be emphasized in JDub pedophile discussions

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I love watching the JW cart crashers on YouTube and how the zombie, brain dead, we are so much better than you JDubs react. When they do talk a little about the two witness rule they will mention the need for proof and the testimony of the poor child is just not enough to take the inquiry any further.

    The reason for calling the police is immediately is that DNA can be gathered from the poor victim. This evidence is the second witness used for prosecution. The elders will first call the Headquarter's legal department for direction and then set up some meeting with the victim on a nonmeeting night. Valuable time has been lost for DNA collection. The Witlesses don't want a second witness and want to sweep this under the rug to avoid bad press.

    The second thing is that if the JDub pedophile confesses and is disfellowshipped and the police are not involved, the Witlesses have knowledge of a pedophile that is now free to take advantage of other "worldly" children and become his next victims. I guess the Witnesses reason that is not our problem and the children are going to die soon anyhow by the loving God Jehovah. Even when a pedophile has been disfellowshipped and wants to return to the Borg, the congregation is not even made aware that a pedophile is in their midst.

    The JDubs are one crazy, godless, cold-hearted cult.

  • waton
    The reason for calling the police is immediately is that DNA can be gathered from the poor victim.

    The reality is, that most molestation cases are not rapes, sour grapes. But getting out of control nut cases off the streets, should be a priority, DNA, witnesses or not .

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Very true, SG, pedophilia is a crime, and police handle crime.

    In our hall, when a Ped returned from prison (most of the congregation had no clue) it was only after a real estate agent saw him on Megan's list did anyone know. She was so mad. BUT, her husband, I believe, was an elder.

    You are correct.. Kids outside of the religion ate ALSO put in danger.

    WT has a "me first" attitude.

  • scratchme1010

    Those are great points. I wish there was more about education, prevention and protection of the children and less of proving the WT policies wrong.

  • zeb

    re:"prevention and protection of the children". yes very very valid. Of course the r&f jw will have to be educated (!) beyond watching out for sisters who have a hemline tad to high, dress too colourful or a brother with no tie or....a beard.

    A few times I sort the help of a social worker and in our consult she informed me that she has witnessed sexual interference of a child in a room FULL of adults. What that situation was and what occurred beyond that she didn't say. For the wt to say its up to parents to be the one and only guardians of their kids is crap. The deviousness she said of those of paedophile mind is beyond the thinking of any normal person.

  • tiki

    All parents should be educated on the grooming process. Pedophiles take their time developing a relationship and trust with the family...and they get too easy access to the victim. The whole witness culture provides a fertile ground for these deviates. Parental education and awareness is vital.

  • flipper

    SOUR GRAPES- Very good points you make. It's a criminal organization protecting criminals and pedophiles who are running around from congregation to congregation from city to city and from state to state as to avoid detection. Including men who served as elders in positions of authority. The delay on gathering DNA evidence is unforgiveable in not reporting these crimes to police. WT Society is a very self serving organization that couldn't care less about the safety and welfare of children. This organization needs to be brought down from the top downward. Starting AT the top

  • OrphanCrow
    tiki: Parental education and awareness is vital.

    You are right about that, Tiki.

    However, that does not address the problem when the abuse is occurring within the family. Parents are often the abusers. And, if it is the father that is the abuser, the mother has so little power that nothing is or can be done.

    Educating parents about child sex abuse can often end up being education on how to avoid detection.

    Which leads me to the next point: Educating the public about the child sex abuse that is rampant within the JWs actually advertises to predators that the JW religion is a safe place for them. It becomes a two-edged sword.

  • carla

    In regards to the pedo who was in jail and returned to the flock; so the guy now is out and even if he isn't 'allowed' to do fs on his own he is still going into fs seeing where children live and play. Even if the kids do not answer the door it doesn't take a genius to figure out if kids live in a house or not. Bikes, skateboards, chalk drawings, etc... Let's say the guy is a real nut job, he now has a map of children in the area, easy pickings if he wants them.

    When I tell people things like this about the jw's it is probably the most powerful anti witness there is. Even more so than than those who sacrifice their children upon the wt altar (no blood policy).

    OrphanCrow, good post!

    Another reason I think the wt does not allow jw children to join things is because volunteer clubs (girls & boy scouts, etc..) are required by law to report any suspected abuses. You don't need proof, just that you suspect something is terribly wrong in a family. If jw children are kept in their jw bubble then nobody from the outside can look in. They hide and teach their children that all outsiders are evil and worthy of death so how could a jw child go to anyone in authority? it would take incredible courage on that childs part. Not only to go to a worldly person but wouldn't a jw child also feel that they would lose their place for sure now in their fictional paradise earth? Go to a evil worldly person and get zapped out of existence or endure being molested/raped for years? what a choice.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The heart of the problem is that they don't look at anything like this as the crime that it is.
    If some slightly older child came forward and reported that his/her step-father committed a murder, they would know that they have to call the police. But the crime is something short of murder and they get all bogged down in their two-witness rule, getting in touch with Bethel, and whether this is a disfellowshipping offense and who will be on the judicial committee.

    Their own lawyers must recognize that a huge part of the problem is the organization constantly telling members that the world cannot be trusted and to turn to "Jehovah" with every last thing. And then they tip toe around such major issues in the local Kingdom Hall. They simply don't want to acknowledge that such problems exist INSIDE the congregation as well as OUTSIDE.

    Two things.
    1. If they would be straightforward and say that while members can bring their concerns to the elders, they will always have to go with such members to the police when they report an alleged crime. Standing with someone in support as they go to the police IS NOT ASSUMING THE ACCUSED IS GUILTY. It is merely aiding a member to go forward with a serious allegation, just as serious as a murder allegation.

    2. I would love to suggest that their recruiting work is for adults only, but they would never go that far. They should at least say that all minors should only work with their parents in the recruiting work. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a member is under 18, they have to go on calls only with their parent or not at all.

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