Two big points that need to be emphasized in JDub pedophile discussions

by Sour Grapes 11 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • OrphanCrow
    carla: Another reason I think the wt does not allow jw children to join things is because volunteer clubs (girls & boy scouts, etc..) are required by law to report any suspected abuses. You don't need proof, just that you suspect something is terribly wrong in a family. If jw children are kept in their jw bubble then nobody from the outside can look in.


    The insular bubble that JW children are inside is so harmful. On the one hand, parents have this distorted belief that they are protecting their children by keeping them inside that bubble and yet who protects the children from them? And from others inside that "trusted" bubble?

    how could a jw child go to anyone in authority? it would take incredible courage on that childs part.

    JW children are taught (and expected) to resist authority. They are taught that they have to stand firm against the educational establishment which is usually the only form of outside authority that a child has to deal with. A JW child is taught that it is their responsibility to "give a good witness" to their teachers and others in authority.

    That bubble is really hard for a child to break.

  • Vidiot

    Dead GB member Ted Jaracz is the guy most responsible for all this shit, IMO.

    If there's any justice in the universe, that fucker is rotting in his own dedicated cell in Hell right now, watching the Tower crumbling on the live feeds.

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