UN against the U.S. and Great Britian

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  • BillyBob

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum but have lurked for over four years! In fact I've never even posted on an internet board before,

    so please go easy on me. I'm not sure if this has been discussed already but I've been thinking alot about this situation lately.

    From what I remember of Watchtower thinking, the "Anglo-American" world rulers are the ones that manipulate and give power

    to the 8th world ruler i.e. the U.N. Today it was announced that France, Germany, and Russia will almost definitely oppose U.N.

    support for a war in Iraq. This seems to me to go against everything I was taught on the subject. From what I remember (been out

    about 4 years), the U.N. is set up to do the bidding of the last world power. I just wonder if some JW's are scratching their heads and

    saying, " hey this isn't supposted to be happening". I know I would. And I know a few of my old freinds are probably doing the same thing.

    What if the Anglo-American power dismisses the U.N. and calls the body irrelevant and attacks unilaterally? Do you think that might give

    some within the organisation pause?


    I hate to admit it but I really do miss YOU KNOW

  • Satanus

    Welcome Billy

    If the beast that healed from a mortal wound gets another mortal wound, the older dubs will no doubt be scratching their heads a bit. The younger, newer ones won't be concerned. For youknow this development wouldn't be the slightest problem. If he can't do a mental acrobatic shake shimmy shuffle, he just totally ignores tough questions.


  • JH

    Welcome BillyBob

    Nice to have you here with us.

    Many things the JW's told us didn't happen. Themselves, don't know what to think anymore.

  • freeman

    It must be kind of hard to be a JW for any stretch of time and realizing that now it’s ok to be transfused with cleansed cows blood, and that “generation” doesn’t mean what it once did, or that “1975” is now a year of no particular significance.

    Even the good old reliable “kings of the north and south” mean virtually nothing since their identity keeps changing. Well at least they can take some measure of comfort knowing that the wicked men of Sodom will, won’t, will, won’t, will, won’t be resurrected to share paradise.

    Welcome to the board BillyBob.


  • Dansk

    Hi BillyBob and welcome from one Newbie to another!

    Great first post. No doubt some "new light" would be emitted from the GB if the UN were to dissolve. It's got more tricks than Tommy Cooper - and all just as bad!

    Where you from (countrywise)?

    (NB: Tommy Cooper: a brilliant (late) English comedian who frequently took the stage as an extremely poor magician - and made your guts ache he was so funny!)

  • metatron

    No, it won't have any effect on Witless --oops! Witnesses.

    No amount of facts should ever have any effect on Witnesses because "truth" is determined by whatever the Watchtower

    says - not science, history, logic or reason. Once you surrender your God-given powers of reason to a cult, facts simply

    bounce off a closed ( and empty) mind.

    I swear that if a UFO landed and introduced themselves on the Whitehouse lawn, Witnesses would be told it was all

    a demonic illusion and to keep putting their field service time in because the End is obviously Soon.

    What also contributes to factual immunity amoung Witnesses is the progressing 'brain- drain' of the organization.

    They must "simplify" arrangements, dumb down the magazines and Ministry School - and downsize Bethel

    - in part because low (i.e. unintelligent) productivity is catching up with them.


  • BillyBob


    I was an army brat, so you name it I've at least been close to it. Did'nt join the JW's until after I started dating a "bad" JW girl, who eventually became my wife. We both left at the same time and now live in the beautiful desert of Arizona.


  • Dansk

    Well done BillyBob - say 'Hello' to your good wife for me.

    I'm in Manchester, England. What's it like living in a desert?

    By the way, Manchester is the best city in England and where all us intellectuals interlectuals intelecktools intelligent people live

    Lovely meeting you!

    Dansk, Physio and family

  • hoyle

    Good observation BB

    Regardless of whether the US does nothing and UNR 1441 goes unenforced or whether the US attacks despite a SC vetoe, the UN has arguably become irrelavant. Neither scenario will fit JW theology.


  • ThiChi

    ""It must be kind of hard to be a JW for any stretch of time and realizing that now it’s ok to be transfused with cleansed cows blood, and that “generation” doesn’t mean what it once did, or that “1975” is now a year of no particular significance. ""

    Very powerful point.

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