Will I Ever Belong

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  • acsot
    I was absolutly terrified at the prospect of making new friends- I still am to be honest. But one thing I've found that helps is to pursue something that you just really love. For me, that's writing. I'm taking a journalism class right now, and I'm starting to become friends with my class mates because we speak the same "language".

    Because of my passion, I found a book called "The Artist's Way." It's supposed to help you unleash your inner creativity, but it does much more than that. It helps you to get down to the reasons why you are blocked and hesitant in various areas of your life. Using a daily journaling process, you explore why you are the way you are. You vent, you grieve, you explore new possibilities.


    Are you sure you haven't hijacked my identity???? I could have written that! OMG!! I too am taking journalism and have gone through Cameron's book The Artist's Way , plus am going through another one of her books: "God Is No Laughing Matter". Wow!

    I'm still officially "in", so am probably behind you somewhere on the path to self-discovery. I'm also interested in Jung as well as dream interpretation! OMG! Are you my twin?

    Rebel: as for not fitting in, I've felt that way most of my life. Now I am beginning to realize that most of it was due to being a JW, where by definition you are not supposed to fit in. when you live your life keeping people at arm's length (even those "related to you in the faith" because you never know if one day you might have to turn them in to the elders for some foolishness) it's very isolating and it's hard to start making friends. I'm sort of at the cross-roads now, trying to get out and do things and see what I love and where I fit.

    However, some of the world's greatest artistic and musical geniuses also felt that they didn't fit in with society. So maybe we're all in good company!

  • Francois

    Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion - along with many others - that in this life we are essentially alone. How many people can you say really and truly understand you? We can of course have relationships with friends or family including our spouses, but even these frequently prove transient.

    In reality, I feel the only relationship that results in a sense of belonging is that which can be developed with the indwelling spirit of God; that is, the "kingdom of heaven" that is within you. Once that relationship is established, I believe a sense of belonging that is true, stable, and supportive can be maintained. And the feeling of being alone is banished.

    That's my experience anyway.


  • rebel

    The people on this board could really show the powers-that-be at the WTBS a thing or two about real love.

    You are all so kind to share your stories which makes me feel less of an oddity - bless you all.

    I wish I had known there was a way out years ago. I am so privileged to be part of something so special.


  • email
    All my life I have been an outsider. How do I go about finding out how I can belong - to anything?

    Make sure you attend the next apostafest Rebel... I'm serious... I hope we can meet... I'm sure you'll get the answer to your question there.


  • mattnoel

    Rebel, I hope that you have managed to get your answer from what you have posted............look at the response mate, clearly you DO belong, you belong to a group of people that want you with us !

    Keep posting and keep with it mate !

  • Valis

    rebel...I saw you in chat and understand why you feel alone...If the person who is supposed to be closest to you will not or cannot pay attention to you of course you feel alone regardless of how many people try and help you...especially when they aren't there physically...having said that I agree w/Francois about being alone...alone in the way that how you fit in is entirely up to you, alone in your descision, to fit in or not. We can offer all the encouragement possible, but in the end it is up to you to actuate "fitting in" to whatever group you choose to be a part of. Its a long tough road to plow and I'm not trying to be mean to you, just trying to help in my own way..the only way I know how. Welcome again to the board and be of good cheer. I've not met one person here that wasn't a good listener and had a sufficient shoulder to lean on...Talk about it all you want, we'll keep listening.


    District Overbeer

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