How To Fade Away Cleanly?

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  • SplaneThisToMe

    So I thought I'd provide an update (for my own sanity I guess). Everyone's responses were helpful. I met up with my best friend who is still an avid witness to explain my situation because we have a concert next month that I at least still wanted to go to. Explained to her that I was depressed and taking a break from it all for a bit. That was last night and she didn't really say much, but it seemed OK.

    Tonight she emailed me. It was nice and genuine. She reminded me of her love for me and most importantly Jehovah's love for me. She will not be holding close association with me, however, and will not be going to the concert. I gave her a short and sweet response that this wouldn't be a good religion is she didn't have to do that and that I will have an awesome time without her even though I will miss her.

    This all is quite irritating. Indoctrination runs deep.

  • konceptual99

    This is sadly exactly how it will be with most of your friends. They say no one is disfellowshipped for doubts alone however just being deemed "spiritually weak" is enough for the conditional nature of friendship with the WT org to become crystal clear.

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  • LongHairGal


    You might be able to pull off a "fade" but you may have said too much already. From this point forward you should say nothing and just drop out of sight.

    You can't still be hanging around with what you've already told people and still think you can avoid questions by elders. You can't always have it both ways. Once you stop going, you will lose friends. It is inevitable. Just move on and screen calls and don't answer the door without looking first. Good luck.

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