Are you "trained" to be loyal?

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    I went for the KH today for personal reasons. It was pretty dumb, but not horrible. Anyway the speaker used a terrible, but accurate illustration in his GB approved outline.

    He spoke of horse training. As a country boy I have spent many an hour atop a mighty steed. ( Anyone slightly horny??) Anyway, I know a thing or two about horses. You can imagine my surprise when Brother Po-dunk USA gave this illustration.

    To train a horse you need to tie it to a post. Then you encircle the neck and legs of the animal. Why?? The horse is stupid and stubborn. The horse won't do too much about the ropes...until you apply pressure.

    As the ropes tighten, constricting air and the legs, the horse begins to resist. As the horse begins to wear out, the ropes are loosened. JUST KIDDING!!! The ropes are tightened like a constrictor killing its prey. Tighter and tighter become the ropes until the horse collapses in exhaustion. What happens? According to Brother Po-dunk, the horse "becomes wise."

    WTF???!!!! 😐 Have you ever heard of anything so cruel?? I NEVER treated an animal this way! It's ABUSIVE!!! That's the behavior of a shitty trainer. No, they aren't even a horse trainer, they are a hack, a charlatan, an animal abuser!

    So Brothers and Sisters, will you "Get wise?" When the WTBTS tightens the ropes will your spirit break? Or will you fight the constricting reigns of Theocracy? Will you break the strangling bonds of conformity? Will you bite, kick and destroy your man made corral of legalism and kick that piss-poor trainer square in the teeth??

    Only you can answer that.


  • stuckinarut2

    oh man....seriously??

    That is messed up in so many ways!

    "We" are likened to an animal that needs to be "under subjection / control"?

    The method he described is clearly cruel!

    "We" have the power of reason and logic that animals do not...

    Oh man...where do I stop?


    It's an isolated illustration, but it's not appropriate. Even if I believed in the ORG, I would counsel against such an illustration. O'l Jeehoober will train you by breaking your spirit! What happened to the load being light and the yoke being kind??


  • B4Right

    At my meeting the speakers talk was about Jehovah being our stronghold. His illustration was about a storm shelter.

    Jehovahs Organization is like that storm shelter in that the kingdom hall is our protection from the world, the ministry, studying, meeting attendance and meditating is what will help us keep Jehovah as our stronghold.

    if you were in the storm shelter and you realize that it was time for you to go to work- you would not go because of the storm. The kingdom hall is like our storm shelter, you would not miss the meetings because of work, missing meetings is no way to show Jehovah that he is your stronghold.

    The WT study brought the "Obey even if it doesn't make sense" GB command. WT conductor said that if we are given instructions that doesnt make sense, all we need to know is that it came from the faithful slave and we just do it.

    regarding the WT- how do you separate being loyal to Jehovah AND his kingdom? Where is that in the bible?

    Just more interesting comments to make us faders throw up in our mouths!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Today's WT study really seems to be whipping up the rand & file to loyalty and subjection to the Borg.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The WT study was horrible - filled with hypocrisy.

    It talked about not have the superior attitude of my country is best and highlighted other forms of partiality and discrimination that should be avoided. But somehow their own religious superiority complex and bigotry of considering JWs alone to be true and denigrating everyone else as "worldly" didn't enter the picture. Hypocrites!

    The part about not getting involved in worldly controversies was almost intolerable. During that time, this quote weighed on my mind: "all that it takes for evil to triumph, is that good men do nothing". I also wanted to scream at the audience:

    "Well its a good thing that christendom's abolitionists of the 19th century didn't live by this philosophy of not getting involved in worldly controversies! Because if they did maybe most of us in here would still be on the slave plantations being whipped and treated like animals, there being nothing against slavery in the bible and all! Wake up you insufferable jackasses!"

  • sowhatnow

    Apparently I cant be trained...

    As for the horse story.. I know someone with a horse, and I bet if she hear that she would be so annoyed.

    once an elder stood up on the platform and said 'missing a meeting is a sin'

    I thought , gee where is that in the bible.

    not to mention the whole, 'be at the meetings in case Armageddon 'comes' [ never mind that a 'place' cannot 'go' anywhere lol] so you can be protected.

    in the mean time ,Im a kid thinking, wait a minuet,

    all meetings are held at different times all over the world, and half the world is a sleep when others are at the khall hows that work?

    island man, I know that feeling of wanting to scream at everyone.. Im sure most of us do, lol

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I picked-up on that too about being at the meeting in case the Big A came, but what about the rest of the world that is sleeping? I could never rationalize that one,lol
  • WTWizard
    Does it need to be any more blatant that the washtowel thinks of humanity as animals needing to be enslaved? Christianity=communism.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, DD.

    It never fails to amaze me how dumb JWs can be.

    I would definitely kick that piss-poor trainer in the teeth. Then, I'd shove a lemon up his ass and roast him alive in a f**king oven.

    Peace, LUHE

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