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  • mattnoel

    Can anyone tell me what was wrong with the Smurfs ?

    I heard some horrible rumours about them as a kid, something about some kid taking a smurf to the kingdom hall, it making a whole lotta noise and then trotting off up the aisle until some burley elder threw it out the back !

    While we are on this point anyone ever have things taken away from them for being demonic etc

  • Celia

    Well, I thought I'd at least make an appearance in this thread, I am The Smurfette.

    .....and I wanted to see if I could edit my post... and it seems to be working.... Now, how do I get rid of the red ????? still red...... can I write in blue ??? how do you do that ? How do I get back to Black ??? so many questions....

  • Robotnomore

    Yes!! It was in the early 80's the WT said that the smurfs were demonized. We heard something about a smurf doll getting up and walking out. The hall we were going to told us we should get rid of any smurf toys that we had for the kids. More of the same stupidity they have always been spewing out. Is that paranoid or what?

  • gitasatsangha

    I enjoy hearing variations of this story. The way we heard the rumour here as a kid, was that it was actually Pappa Smurf who got up in the middle of the meeting and walked out, saying "I cant stand this." or something like that. The other part of it I heard was that this one kid had smurf curtains and one night when the parents came to check on him, the smurfs had climbed down the curtains and were doing some sort of evil dance around the child. I cant believe people really believe(d?) in bs like this. I remember my parents talking about it as a joke but not everyone did. As for me, I would watch Gargamel and company every time I layed out of door-to-door. "I'm not feelign well again Mom. I probably wont be better till after Superfriends, I mean later."

    In the JW Pantheon, Demons are ancient, supernaturally powerful multidimensional creatures with limited intellect. They can decieve entire world governments, but prefer to hang out in old Led Zepplin alblumbs and 2nd hand clothing. Oh, and they can be dispelled by turning on the lights. Azazel must be stuck in a Teddy Ruxpin somewhere in a city dump, somewhere.

    I knew these kids who literally had a really wacked out JW step-mom. One night one of them gets a nightmare. So the mother takes all their stuffed toys (and they didn't have much to begin with) and publically burns it on the front lawn. when her oldest stepson decided to be baptized after some rousing talk at the hall, the woman told the kid (gotta love JW child baptism) that he needed to not talk about it at all while they drove home. She said this was because once a JW youth had announced his dedication to Jehovah at the hall, and a demon had caused the car he was in to wreck, killing him on the way home. This nutcase would openly tell people at the door that Jehovah intervened and stopped the Cuban missle crisis, would discuss ghost sitings and other superstitious BS. She was a pioneer. Actually, she still is, I think. As bad as that is, the sad thing is, people agreed with her.


    That whole Smurf thing...sheesh! Matt, I do too remember similar stuff re: smurfs.

    The thing that I can attribute Robotnomore's statement: "We heard something about a smurf doll getting up and walking out."

    Yup, it was true, that was CELIA getting up and leaving the Kingdom Hall and the Borg. I knew there was a connection.

    There's your answer .

  • kwijibo

    Does anyone know the source of this story? I remember hearing that one about the smurf running up the aisle at the kh as well.

    Did the society actually mention the smurfs at all?


  • Celia

    Rayzor, you're funny actually, I never was a JW, never have set foot in a KH, and I really love the Smurfs, or Les Schtroumpfs, as we call them in France....

  • ApagaLaLuz

    And if you eat Poprocks and drink Coca-Cola your stomach will explode too

  • mattnoel

    Thanks for that Chevy.

    And thanks everyone else.

    So it wasnt my wild imagination then, there was something to this story.

    How funny some of the BS that the society fed us !

  • Elsewhere

    As a child I heard rumors like the above too. One elder even told me that the word "smurf" is a synonym for "sprite" or "demon".

    I just did a search of my 2001 WT CD and there was not one mention of smurf(s). I also searched the Merriam Webster dictionary ( for the word Smurf and found no entries. I also looked up "sprite", "elf" and "demon" to see if smurf was a side note - Nothing.

    This is just one of those crazy JW rumors.

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