Are You A Thinker And A Lurker?

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  • konceptual99

    If you are a lurker then you are probably a thinker. You will already be wondering about a number of aspects of JW doctrine and how they stack up against reason, logic and modern scientific evidence.

    If so, then I appeal to you to meditate and reason on one implication arising from the latest news that the next publication will be a simplified version of an already simplified book.

    Here we are in an age of readily accessible information, an age when it is so easy to find information that debunks creation, man only being on the earth 6000 years, the need for magic to bring together the universe, the idea of a global flood 4000 years ago, the idea that 607BCE is some special date and more.

    Yet, into this field of abundant knowledge, the GB see fit to bring nothing to reason against these. They see fit only to produce a book aimed at the absolute lowest common denominator. They see fit to reduce yet further the scope of the magazines they have for decades touted as the most important publications in the world.

    Instead of the publications shining the light of biblical power, using scripture as a sword to slash through the ridiculous ideas of man, the GB can only muster a text book for the intellectually challenged.

    According to the Bible, Paul was able to reason with hoards of people used to debating Greek philosophy. Jesus made scholars marvel. When was the last time the WTS published anything that could seriously counter the growing weight of credible and scientific evidence against the most fundamental of Biblical teachings?

    More importantly, when will they? On current evidence...never.

    The end result - the only way of being able to stick with this organisation will be BLIND FAITH.

    Ask the questions. Find the answers. Stop kidding yourself that somehow these morons know something that you don't. That feeling you have that something just ain't right - that's your brain telling you all the evidence the "troof" is a crock of shite is right.

    Do yourself a favour and listen to your brain.

  • cantleave
    I wish I listened to my brain sooner. Now that I have life gets continually better.
  • freddo
    Good post Konceptual99 you make very good and well reasoned points.
  • Listener

    That's a great post Konceptual.

  • stuckinarut2
    Yep, come on in...the water is fine.....
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Nice thread. Hope some lurkers read it and it strikes a chord ....
  • Vidiot

    stuckinarut2 - "...come on in...the water is fine..."

    ...and warm... and supportive... and full of terrific people.

  • cultBgone
    Bttt for new lurkers 👍🏻
  • KateWild


    How are you doing?

    Your post has an heir of frustration in it. Do you feel trapped and isolated? When we wake people up we need to be gentle and loving. Some of your words are a bit stronger than that and might be mistaken for a bitter apostate.

    I understand it must be hard to live in WT world when you know TTATT, I did it for 9 months and could do it no more.

    Waking JWs up is only one step of freeing them. Once we wake we need to support them in leading happy lives. A few on here know TTATT and are trapped in WT. They need our encouragement to plan a happy future for themselves and their children if they have them.

    Take care K99

    Kate xx

  • konceptual99

    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't mean to come across as frustrated, as least not in the way I think you mean. I was just taking hold of an opportunity presented at the time of the leak of the AGM letter to make a direct appeal on the basis that once again the GB mark progress through yet further dumbing down of the "troof", safe in the knowledge that the masses will lap it up.

    I am for the moment trapped in but I am so glad that I have worked things out and am now longer torn in the quandary of cognitive dissonance, trying to square the circle over and over again. I feel mentally free and was only able to start to feel that way once I stopped thinking that the circle could be squared and that I HAD to do so.

    No one can wake someone else up. IHMO those that are questioning should be presented with as many of glaring inconsistencies, lies, deceptive reasonings and fallacies promulgated by the WTS leadership as possible. They need an overwhelming weight of evidence and reasoning in order to break the mental hold we have all experienced.

    I accept my post is fairly direct but I don't think it is harsh. I really doubt that on it's own it will make a significant difference one way or the other but I do hope that it might present someone with another chink in the armour.

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