Are You A Thinker And A Lurker?

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  • LisaRose
    Very well written post, I don't think you sound bitter at all Konceptual, just determined to make a case for reason and logic. It's,a plea to think, to not accept the easy answers. If any JW are visiting here it means they already have doubts and are not going to blindly accept the Watchtower "all apostates are bitter" argument.
  • KateWild
    I am for the moment trapped in but I am so glad that I have worked things out and am now longer torn in the quandary of cognitive dissonance, trying to square the circle over and over again. I feel mentally free and was only able to start to feel that way once I stopped thinking that the circle could be squared and that I HAD to do so.-K99

    Well that's good progress. I am glad to hear it. CD can lead to all manner of mental problems and failure to function normally in daily living.

    I am sure your post will help some, especially those in similar circumstances. I was very frustrated when I was in your position that's probably why I thought I could sense it in you.

    Thanks for the update take care

    Kate xx

  • Vidiot

    Better a Lurker and a Thinker...

    ...than a Thurker and a Linker.

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