Let's Say Some POSITIVE Things About The Organization Or Being a JW

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  • ozziepost

    Could anything positive be said about Hitler? Yeah, he made the trains run on time! But that doesn't change the fundamental wickedness that his regime was guilty of.

    Now you were saying about the WTS.........................................

  • blackout

    Ok Ive got something good to say about being a JW.

    Being a JW helped me to learn about the cult mind set and how brain washing works, without me being in too much danger of losing my life (as in death, I lost part of my life to those bastards).

    This should help me in the future to remain clear of similar control groups which may have mass suicides etc.

    So there you go, they are the best of a bad bunch.

  • Ed

    Have any JWs ever been on this site for a serious religious debate?

    I haven't been around here long enough to know. But I was wondering. Wouldn't it be fun? Have there been any takers or requesters of such a thing? Are there other sites where this has happened?

    Some have tried, but the first question to them is always: "If you're really a JW what are you doing on the internet?" And then it very rapidly goes downhill from there.

  • onacruse


    But that doesn't change the fundamental wickedness that his regime was guilty of.

    Now you were saying about the WTS.........................................

    Frankly, I don't see much difference, fundamentally, between the JWs and any other religion, Christian or otherwise, cult or otherwise. They all offer meaning, purpose, and a sense of self-worth. That has always been their social function. It's a matter of degree: greater mind/behavior control, or less...but control, nonetheless.

    I'm sick and tired of JW-bashing, just as I'm sick and tired of the WTS. But I got a big clue from them, and perhaps the only truth they've ever spoken: "religion is a snare and a racket." If we're going to beat up JWs, let's beat up ALL religion. They're all essentially the same.


  • Debz
    Let's Say Some POSITIVE Things About The Organization Or Being a JW


  • rebel

    I agree with onacruse, there is good and bad in lots of religions. I feel I have the right to talk about being RC and JW because I experienced both. I know how destructive both religions can be. Had I been involved with the mormons or any other religions, I suppose I would have plenty to say about them too. I can only give my opinion due to my own experience.

    I know as RC I never picked up a Bible, but once I studied with JWs, I actually bothered to look at it for the first time. No doubt many will say their translation is pretty flawed - I'm not sure, I've never studied it or compared it with other translations, but I will.

    The thing about JWs is the tremendous authority the elders have. They are a pretty warped bunch, in my opinion, and they have the power to ruin lives. If they have a personal dislike of something or someone, they can make a big issue of it until that person is booted out and shunned by their family and friends - all on a mere whim. That's got to be very dangerous. I know it happens because I have seen it. The elders also repeatedly turn a blind eye to what their cronies are doing. Any religion that allows this is not loving and has no right to run down other religions. They should put their own house in order first.


  • TheSilence

    okay, to me this is a very insidious sick little religion, but being raised in it i did glean a few things...

    i really am not racially prejudiced in the least and i learned to stand up for what i believe in despite what others thought. it was difficult being the only kid in school who didnt say the pledge of allegiance or pass out valentines or join the scouts or play a sport... etc etc etc... however standing up to the teasing and other treatment i received taught me the strength to stand up for what i believe is right in my adult life. it taught me strength of character and that has been useful to me. it also taught me to not put to much importance in what others thought of me. i know im a good person, i know i make the best decisions i can for myself and those i love... and screw anyone who doesnt agree, its their issue not mine. if someone thinks im mean because i tell them honestly what i think when asked a question and it wasnt an answer they wanted to hear, again, their issue, not mine. i dont know that i would have had this strength or outlook or whatever it is had i not been a witness as a child.

    now ive said my positive thoughts, let me also say that if i had children i would never, ever raise them in this religion despite the things i did get from it... because for every positive i gained there were a multitude of blatantly negative aspects. the damage was far greater than the good and i know that i have one of the easier stories to tell.


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  • blackout

    Hi Jackie

    would you mind putting paragraphs in your post as it makes them a lot easier to read,

    Thanks BO

    Thanks Jackie, (edited to thank Jackie)

  • SYN

    The most positive thing about the Organization is LEAVING it. That is all.

  • anglise

    They said

    "Religion is a Snare and a Racket"

    They were right


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