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  •  The Bethelite
  • blondie

    Yes, the WTS revved up their membership about 1975 between 1966 and 1975, but seemed to forget about what happened in 1925, when the end did not come, a drop from 95,000 to 25,000 the next year in partakers (before 1935 no more chosen)

    Even the 1914 prediction of the end (not the beginning, adjusted after the end did not come then).

    45 years later and counting, the WTS has not come up with a new date, just very soon now and other phrases.

    I was 41 years from 1925 to 1966, so the WTS is 4 years overdue. Perhaps (tongue in check) 2034, 15 years from now be an appropriate date, 120 years from god's pronouncement of destruction in a flood, 1914 to 2034, or perhaps from some other date like 1975 to 2095 (overlapping generation?)

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS is a shinning example of how one can exploit human ignorance and emotions to create wealth and power.

    The WTS has been selling the return of Christ for over 140 years, a marketing commodity as it were, some have bought into that, a lot didn't.

    The ancients who created the Messianic Savior exploited human ignorance and emotions as well ........ it was a little easier back then.

  • Tenacious
    The WTS is a shinning example of how one can exploit human ignorance and emotions to create wealth and power.

    Finkelstein nailed it.

    The level of mind conditioning is so deep for the average JW that the WTS can do and say what they please and the members will ask if there's anything else they need to do.

    What sad condition to live in.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    They learned their lesson on date setting. Now, it is non-stop mental battering about Armageddon (WT Sept. 2019) with images like this. Better be holding your literature when the bullets start flying! Otherwise the angels might not protect you.

    There is only so much PTSD that people can take before they start cannibalizing their own. We are watching a slow descent into full blown insanity.

  • smiddy3

    When are the R&F members going to demand to know where all of the money from sales of all the buildings ,such as the H.Q.`s in New York ,the Branches in various parts of the world and all of the KH sell offs that have been taking place these past few years again all over the world and their amalgamations with other congregations and very few new KH`s being built .

    All of this in stark contrast to what they were saying a couple of years ago about needing hundreds more Kh`s to house the great influx that was expected ?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Sea Breeze what a scary picture from the wt. I had no idea they are using pictures like that in their study articles. I have not look at wt. for years now. What a shocking thing for childen to see and I thought what I went through as a child in this cult was bad. As what was said in another post (Jonestown in slow motion). Still Totally ADD

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    what shocked me about that picture--was the women wearing trousers.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    And angels have wings. Everyone knows even angels cannot elevate without them -- gravity, you know.

  • sir82

    Indeed, it is curious how the WTS bases virtually all of its decisions & policies on what is most financially advantageous for themselves.

    If Armageddon really were "imminent", why not cash in everything and buy, say, a dozen super bowl commercials and distribute the rest of the funds to every individual JW so they wouldn't have to work and everyone could devote hundreds of hours per month to the "lifesaving preaching work"?

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