Bad Doors in the field service

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  • JH

    Did you ever knock on a door, and realize that the person knew more about the bible than you did?

    What was your worst experience in the field service?

  • PurpleV

    Getting bitten by a mean dog. Doctor, tetanus shot, my clueless mother dealing with owner about rabies, etc. I was only a little kid.

    We were back "out in servitude" the next weekend.

  • JH


    I guess the angels didn't protect you because they knew you could take a punch bite.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    Hi Jan

    All the time. One of the BEST experiences was meeting a professor (suppose he was by the way he spoke and his homes proximity to the uni) who 'just happened to be reading this "little black book of philosophy"' and proceeded to give me a lesson in thinking, the origin of the ideas in the WT&A and the lack of originality of it all. He only took 15 mins to help me open my mind.

    Cheers, Max

    (The born again fundies were always fun too...)

  • Maverick

    I got punched in the face by a drunk retired veteran. My brother-in-law and other Brother had to drag me away as I called the guy to come in the street and hit me again! Maverick

  • FlowerPower

    Some guy turned his sprinkler system on us! We were soaked! We used to do the householder bashing thing everytime we got back in the car so we were able to keep that "we are better than they are attitude" which is the only thing that kept us strong enough to go back out!

  • freedom96

    As a pain in the ass as we must have been to many householders, I don't think that warranted violence towards us. Never had that happen to me, as mentioned above. Had someone punched me, I would have hit them back. That might have ended my career as a witness. :)

  • greven
    Did you ever knock on a door, and realize that the person knew more about the bible than you did?

    Well no, I wish this would have happened. I would have left earlier than I did.

    What was your worst experience in the field service?

    I went to a studentdormatory(sp?) and rang the bell, some guy opens the door and tells me he is not interested aswell as the rest of the students. I say well, I let them decide that for themselves. He goes back in. I ring another bell in that dormatory, and this firts guy opens again a threatens me with a kitchen knife, telling me off while tapping this huge knife on my shoulder and pointing it at my face.

    I stayed calm, and left. To this day I regret not sueing this guy's ass. Freak

  • Wolfgirl

    Someone turned the hose on me when I walked up the driveway. I thanked him because it was a hot day. I was quite proud of myself at the time. *rolls eyes*

  • TresHappy

    I remember one where this woman cursed at me and called me everything in the book. She wasn't upset about doctrine, but evidently the congregation pioneers had been working this complex a lot and were leaving lots of old WT's at the door. She was upset that we were littering the doorway of everyone's condo. I remember that door to this day.

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