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  • Akid48

    In my kingdom hall people see me as rude but to me i dont understand how.For me having to talk to adults is not bad BUT for me its one thing if i DONT KNOW YOU and so i have my guard up at all times and i have a fuck off tone in my voice.But some of the brothers seem they like kids to much.

    One more thing i have the a fuck off tone some times is because a lot of brothers i kinda know (hint kinda know) ask me about my school life.what i mean is not ''hey how's school?'' i mean and im not joking when i say i have been asked.''So have you had to turn down any girls yet?'' etc those are things i dont share if i dont fully know you not just talk to you.

    i use that one have you had to turn down any girls yet its because i have had to turn down one a girl i had a crush on.Note i was not awake at the time.

    well i made this because i need to get more things off my chest.


  • Akid48

    Note the brother who asked me that did it in a very public place not the best place.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I know you don't want to be at the meetings or believe in the doctrines of JW's but I'm quite sure they aren't out to get you or trip you up.

    There are going to be times in life when you'll have to be sociable, even when you don't want to. The better you are at getting through these times, the easier you'll have it.

    If you take things at their face value, rather than trying to read ulterior motives into everything every JW says to you, or imagining, without any real proof that they don't like you, you'll be a lot happier. Since you have to be there, why not make it as pleasant as possible?

    It helps if you focus on the feelings of others rather than how you are feeling. Perhaps reading this will be of some help

  • Akid48

    @pete Zahhut

    thanks for help and I will read it I want to note that I have been pulled aside and told some brothers and sisters say in not the. Nicest I do like to talk to people but I don't like to have to talk to people I don't know or are adults that seem off.

  • scratchme1010

    Yes, some JWs are very inappropriate and intrusive. Then they wonder why you are not friendly. The feel entitled to it. I think you are absolutely right in giving them the "fuck off" treatment. They have no right to get into your business.

    Something that some women in the congregation do when there are men who are either too friendly in a way they shouldn't or to intrusive, is to use their system against them. Some use their husbands as a shield, even if they can't care less about that being submissive nonsense. Your could do the same but with your parents. When some of those idiots come to bother your crap, tell your parents that some brother is being inappropriately asking you personal questions. Depending on the level of support that your parents give you (didn't work with mine; in that respect I was completely on my own), that may keep them at bay.

    Sorry you keep going through that. It's only a few hours a week, though.

  • yodastar

    Hi Akid, not sure how old you are but eh, totally get how you feel. Got my kids out when they were 5 and 3. Best thing I ever did and they didn't have to be brainwashed with lies. They have turned to be very well rounded people without guilt or fear in there early twentys now. Lets face it there are some real nosey buggers in that borg. Your probably living a double life, not wanting to give away too much lest you be judged by the sheeple or the elderlies.You may not be able to leave now, not sure but leave when you can. The borg is disgraceful and will find new friends, trust me. Cheers

  • steve2

    Kingdom Halls are full of people who poke their noses in each others' business so I can understand why you feel so strongly about their questions. Sounds like they want to know what you've been up to. Best keep to yourself.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Many elders think they can cross boundaries that are really inappropriate.

    I think your attitude is fine for such questions, and I wish more JW's would be able to do that.

    In your case, the elders are probably hoping to get some juicy stuff that perverts like to hear about teen girls.

    These people are not going to be your friends in the future, so screw them.

  • flipper

    AKID- I know how you feel. AS Scratchme said " some JW's are very inappropriate and intrusive " and as On The Way Out said " Many elders ( or any JW for that matter ) ( Italics mine ) think they can cross boundaries that are really innappropriate . "

    I agree with both these statements as I used to experience this intrusion into my personal space when I was your age growing up as a JW. And I've still experienced this treatment from JW's even into my middle age years up till now still. And I'm in my 50's ! And I'm an EX-JW !

    It sounds definitely like this " brother " was trying to put you on the spot about girls in front of others to test you. Or he was trying to get some dirt on you in front of others to embarrass you. Or use information you gave out against you later by blabbing to elders about your personal life- which is none of his business.

    One thing adult JW's will try to do to teenagers or minors is control them by asking intrusive questions which are none of their business. You just have to stand up to these people in a firm, yet dignified polite way and say, " excuse me, but this is my personal business and not yours " - then walk away. In the JW's anything we say can or will be held against us by unscrupulous fellow JW's with bad motives trying to either get us in trouble with our parents or elders. As On The Way Out stated, " These people are not going to be your friends in the future, so screw them. " Which I agree with.

    If you can develop friendships with non-JW's who accept you for who you are- not JW's who want to mold you into something or someone that you don't want to be . Hang in there buddy, we're here for you too. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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    my age 13

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