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  • Akid48


    aye man I really appreciate you responding to my posts even know I use the posts as self therapy.

    i have started to tell people that Jehovah's Witness are a cult please I ask you to go to

  • flipper

    AKID- Good for you man, good for you. Keep telling people to research this crooked JW stuff on the Internet. It might wake some people up ! Take care dude

  • sinboi

    Hah? 13? I thought I am the youngest here! So I need to take care of you..

    I think the jw dislike me more than you. They often say when I was younger, I am very obedient but now have changed. I do things very unwilling. I think they never go through the growing up process...They say I to mix around with unbelievers...

    You 13...not baptise? Don't be baptised. If you are baptised and you leave the borg, you will be shunned. By them..nevermind. Shun by your parents very painful.

  • smiddy3

    My heart goes out to any kid/juvenile that has to attend meetings or worse still, FS just to obey their parents who are brainwashed .

    I know i put my kids through that I`m ashamed to say

    I just hope everything eventually works out well for you Akid48 . theirs not much any of us can do but just support you as best we can.

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