Disaster preparedness

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  • no-zombie

    Lets get some numbers down on paper, for some real life perspective.

    • You can live least 2 weeks without food
    • You can live 5 days without water
    • You can live 2 days without proper shelter
    • You can live ONLY 5 minutes with an arterial bleed

    So you tell me where people's disaster preparedness so be?

  • wannaexit

    Are they getting grants and funding for this? In Canada there are grants available for organization for their disaster prepareness programs. The way they go at it, money must be involved

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    LongHaired Girl;

    Great points.

    Asking for contact information of non believing relatives ofJWs.

    Since when does the Borg look after the interests of people other than their own?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ""The way they go at it, money must be involved".

    Bang on.

    When legal issues arise or when $$$$ is involved,, we really see this Borganization spring into action and what they're really all about.

  • NotFormer

    LongHairGal: "With regard to these Go-Bags: I remember asking a JW former friend just where they were going to? Of course I got no answer. What I do wonder is - if some JWs are expecting some miracle or supernatural event to occur.. Like maybe an Exodus.2 ?"

    It's a good point: unless each Kingdom Hall has a compound or campsite that congregation members can be evacuated to and looked after, it's only half a step towards preparedness.

  • Balaamsass2

    When it comes to disaster preparedness the Mormons have it together.

    They prove they believe their end-times dogma by actually having solid plans and supplies for each congregation.

    Watchtower doesn't even encourage halls to keep water, beans, and a few cots in storage. (They know their Dogma is BS).

  • blondie

    Preparedness became a thing during Hurricane Katrina, when many jws info was lost, and hard to track them. The WTS realized that was a mistake. Katrina 2005: 2007 Kingdom Ministry "Bodies of elders should review the July 6, 2006, letter regarding disaster preparedness and ensure that they have up-to-date contact information for each publisher. In disaster-prone areas, additional emergency contact information should be obtained. Of course, in addition to emergency situations, it is helpful when publishers communicate with their Congregation Book Study overseer or another elder if they will be away for extended periods, such as when traveling on vacation or business, during a hospital stay, and so forth." "Bodies of elders should review the July 6, 2006, letter regarding disaster preparedness and ensure that they have up-to-date contact information for each publisher."

  • NotFormer

    Blondie, are you implying that the main reason they are now suggesting that disaster preparation is a good idea is because they lost some paperwork? 🤔😱

    I find their suggestion of having a go bag (I guess "bug-out bag" is too crude for their liking?) ready interesting. A normal person told to get a bug-out bag ready would probably watch a few YouTube videos on how to assemble one. But being so much about information control as the WT is, I can't see them encouraging the sheep to go off the plantation and watch any old video, especially not from the "Christian" preppers.

    So, do they have their own guide(s) on how to make a bug-out bag? Do they have videos on disaster preparation on their website?

    A further thought raises its head: everyone from Walmart to high-end survival/camping suppliers sell ready made bug-out bags, from a few dollars, into the thousands. Are there any entrepreneurial JWs providing third party bug-out bags to fellow JWs? The WT carts/trolleys are made by an approved third party provider, and AFAIK, there are all sorts of JW friendly items like bible covers and book bags sold online to JWs. So is there a WT approved provider of "Go Bags" out there*?

    *I thought I'd ask the question before I went searching for the answer. I'd be interested to know, if such provider exists, if anyone here already knew about them.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Here’s an idea. Fill your go bag with old stale crackers and cheap wine, then pull it out next year for the Memorial! Presto, two problems solved!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The guides are copied from government disaster preparedness sites. The places to go are gpvernment(UN) camps. Private homes are coerced from some witnesses-no money from the WT

    The need to track is to prevent fading; claiming to be a witness for advantage (charity is for believers only) or promoting yourself as an elder or such.

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