I remember when floppys were 8 inches

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  • hippikon

    I remember when floppys were 8 inches, then 5¼, now 3½ - talk about deflation with age. But at least my 3½ lasts for 100 Mb

  • SYN

    Yeah, I still remember those "WANG" disk drives, hehe...

  • Simon

    I have a little iddy-biddy memory stick, smaller than a stick of gum ...

    ... would you believe I can make a copy of the forum onto it !

  • NoMoreJW

    and when a 40mb hard drive was the size of a washing machine!

  • Farkel

    Not only do I remember when floppies were 8", I remember than a "single density IBM" format of those floppies yielded a whopping 90K of storage! Later, a "double density" format was able to yield about 1 mb. My first software company sold my programs on those same diskettes.

    The first computer program I wrote was on a Commodore "Pet" computer and its only storage medium was a cassette tape! A program of about twenty pages took twenty minutes to load! When the computer booted, the screen showed the following message which bragged about the incredible amount of memory housed in that powerhouse of a computer:

    "2,076 bytes free."


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    So, smaller is better????? (I've been saying that for years )

  • SheilaM

    Now don't laugh but I can remember walking by the "geek lab" in High School it had a couple of HUGE computers in it in 1982 and I can remember thinking "How stupid why would anyone waste their time sitting in front of that, what a buncha geeks"Err I compare that thought to the patent office in like 1863 or so they said "eveything that can be invented has" LOL

  • Simon

    I remember my first job after I left school where we used huge disk packs which had several platters on them each.

    They were about 2ft in diameter and about 6in high!!

    ... all that I could find on the system I learnt (SyFA)


    Just read those awesome specs ... a whopping 64k memory and a 32Mb HDD !!

  • PurpleV

    Oh, this thread is about disks........

    I'll probably kill it.....

  • Satanus

    Sorry purp, not yet.

    In ten or twenty yrs, people will be laughing at what we consider to be powerful computers now.


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