For those of you that are disfellowshipped, How Far Would Your Faithfull JW Family Go To Stay Loyal to The WT?

by John Aquila 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    I’ve seen JW parents shun their disfellowshipped children for 20-30 years. And visa-versa. I’ve seen parents remove disfellowshipped or fader children from Wills and give the inheritance to the Watchtower.

    If your country got run over by some form of government like the Nazi regime and started a process of eliminating any groups or individuals who it considered a threat. And the WT got in favor with this government, and was asked to help it identify any dissenters.

    What do you think would happen to you if the Governing Body in this position of power, asked the faithful WT J-dubs to hand over their apostate or disfellowshipped children or parents to the authorities to be dealt with in whatever manner the new government saw fit.

    Would they stay faithful to the WT Organization------Jehovah’s Only True Channel on earth?

    Or would they be Unfaithful and protect you and miss out on Everlasting life on Paradise earth. (at least in their mind)

    This may sound crazy, but guess what, I asked this 50 years old regular pioneer sister what she would do if she was asked by the GB to stone her disfellowshipped son. Her answer-----

    “I would be faithful to Jehovah”

    Oh, the power of a cult huh!

  • Diogenesister

    Now, I don't think it would happen because they are taught the current dispensation censures violence. Give them some time to work up to giving that order in say 15 years, I have no doubt most dubs would carry it out.

    Good illustration though. Apart from highlighting her stupidity it's a really interesting point in the sense that by complying they would be totally putting their own welfare & future above that of their childrens. The death bit brings that into sharp relief but really that is what they actually are doing when they shun. Putting themselves before their children.

  • Dagney

    Whereas, Jesus said "he who is without sin cast the first stone."

    Funny how the WBTS likes to concentrate on the discipline of the old testament, and not the mercy of the new.

    It tears the heart out of children, parents, friends. It's so sad.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    It's kind of a scary thought, but reality shows the POWER of a cult. The member's thinking becomes so warped, that the cult becomes the most important thing in a person's life and family members-children, parents, wives, and husbands become not even second but almost like a vestigial structure that just hangs there but is not necessary for anything and can be dropped in an instant.
  • poopie
    About 50 percent of those i know that ar df are hardcore the other 50 violate the gb command in secret i see all the time in city i live in of about 10million people especially the forign languages grandmothers and fathers they dont care anymore you want me to shun my daughter that has my grandchild and Jesus would not do it go straight to he double tooth picks
  • kaik
    My aunt never reconciled with her son who was DF until her death. I know JWs who died without ever reconciling with their children. They considered their shunning as a sign of martyrdom for "Truth".
  • Fisherman

    There is a saying; "More papist than the pope." Present DF is softer than years ago, but some individuals still want to take it to the extreme, but such harshness is not required.

    I cannot understand how some people can think that they can go around breaking the rules of society and still expect to be treated as a member. If you live in a house with a bunch of other people and you refuse to follow the rules that everybody else is following, you cannot live with everybody else, you can come back but you have to follow the rules. When you are not a member, you should not expect to be treated as one.

    Albeit, you cannot shun your wife or your children. And it seems cruel to treat your family members with contempt because they are DF. It is also cruel not allowing parents or grandparents to see their loved ones. On the other hand, when DF JW relatives especially start sending easter bunnies and christmas cards, and calls on birthdays, and talk to children and grandchildren or JW relatives against JW, it gets to the point where JW does not want to deal with DF JW at all, but for those reasons and not because they are DF.

  • truthseeker100

    Kaik: I know JW's who died without ever reconciling with their children. They considered their shunning as a sign of martyrdom for "Truth".:

    My own parents are like this now. They did not come to my Wedding but decided to show up to visit my wife and the Grandchildren for a while mostly when I was not around. No doubt as a tactic to win the support of my wife and kids. We then moved to a different city and I have not talked to them in years. My own Father took his shunning posture of me with him to his grave. I did not find out he was dead until after his funeral was over. I have a couple of trusted spies that keep me informed now about my Mother in her aging years. I feel she's been through enough with various things that;s why I keep my identity secret and try not to give away who I am on a forums like this.

  • Sabin
    This is amost interesting subject & each situation is different my own thought on this by observing others & listening to my own heart is that they are wrong in the general sense. Both John & Fisherman put forth good arguments, however the JDub`s take on shunning goes beyond what I believe would be exceptable to Jesus. I have said before that when one of my own kid`s went before the elders I made it quite clear that they could sod off if they thought I would shun, they can DF me also. The reason was because in my whole being I knew it to be wrong. Some parents have no problem`s turning their back on their kid`s in fact they are quite boastful of their loyalty to the Borg. This I have observed is generally the attitude of parents who were controlling to begin with (arseholes). Have a narcissistic disposition However the one`s who love their kid`s from their hearts struggle, sleepless nights, tears, stress, guilt ridden. WHY? I believe that not only are they pushed to shun their loved one`s but also because they are going against their own consciences & therefore also struggle to have freedom of speech before God, this is something that no-one should demand of another. They have made the sacrifice of Jesus invalid with their demanding extremes, & are forcing members of the cong to be faithful to the organization over God.
  • truthseeker100

    Don't know what happened there posted before I was done writing!

    Anyway that's the only reason I don't reveal exactly who I am. It would hurt her and I have no wish to do that.

    When she dies however her funeral will indeed be one that I will attend and I will have my say to certain individuals. Living a good and prosperous life is the best revenge and I hope that it eats certain ones alive.

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