Memoral time kids...... anyone going?

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  • Azalo

    this is about the only date my parents still try to get me to go to. No way. mostly cause i tihink its stupid and i dont want to give them false hope. going off on a tangent though wasn't it funny how people would look around to see who was going to partake and then there would be a rumor mill over whether or not people believed that person. and wasn't it weird how there were quite a few "annointed" who weren't even elders or MS.

    when i was a kid i liked it cause a bunch of us would always go eat afterwards and my parents would ussuanly let me miss school the next day since it was our only "holiday"

  • heathen

    Pepper -- If you were a sinner before the memorial then chances are you will be one after the memorial. Going to the memorial is not going to make you any less a sinner. I still think the whole thing is a disgrace .The WT is apparently too cheap to buy dinner 1 day a year for all the people working to sell their literature. The whole thing is based on eating dinner ,in fact people were told to stay home if they already had dinner. You can go if you want but this whole business of trying to pick one day a year to atone for sin is ridiculous.

  • TR

    neyank said:

    It seemed like they were almost worried that someone in attendance might actually partake.

    This is exactly their biggest point at the "memorial".

    No, I won't go. It's rediculous.


  • heathen

    What's even more pitiful is they expect people to miss work over something they admit is'nt even relevent to most of the congregation . I suppose it's another of those you are spiritually weak if you don't make it or something . A bigger joke is to tell people to invite family and freinds who aren't jw so they can sit there like idiots and pass food around claiming they aren't worthy. cults suck eh TR?

  • myself

    I am not attending. I will be right here getting my proper encouragement. Last year was the first year I missed. I was rushing home from work, no matter what route I tried traffic was jammed. At one point I heard an accident behind me so I turned my car around to make sure the driver was okay. I then again tried to hurry home, I was in a state of panic. When I finally made it home it was time for the Memorial to start, a peaceful calm came over me. I appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus suffered for us so I went inside and my daughter and I went over the scriptures that lead up to Christ's death. I realize now that the pressure that the WT puts on you takes the joy out of the occasion. I won't even have to go to the expense of a new dress to show off.

  • pr_capone

    Hell no. I will never step foot in a Kingdumb hall ever again.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • lost_and_searching

    Yep....unfortunately, I will be going. I suppose it is the ONE thing I can still do to bring a smile to my parents' faces. They are both 79 and it just means so damn much to them to have me sitting beside them this one time of the year. (Believe me, "wild horses" couldn't get me to any other meeting during the year.) But, in my 42 years of age, I have never missed a Memorial and while my children have been raised as "heathens" (according to some), they will be sitting in the row next to me, also. They do it out of respect for their grandparents and as a way to give me some moral support, too.

    I sure do have to laugh at the faces of the congregation members. The old ones (and they are dying off really fast) who remember me as a child, hug me and tell me to get back to meetings, but the others just shun me and look away. I think they are afraid to talk to me because I might be disfellowshipped or something. (I'm have to get baptised in order to be DF'd. LOL Thank goodness, I always figured a way to get out of that one. LOL)

    So I will sit next to my mother on April 16 in our local KH and wish I was at home with my Catholic-raised husband drinking an ice cold beer and looking at the sunset out the window. Oh well, it is only one hour out of a year, right?

    Hugs, ~Bobbi

  • pseudoxristos

    "The Memorial??????"

    Like I want to be around a bunch of people that have only one Holiday, and it is a celebration of someones death.

    That is just "wrong".


  • Independent

    This will be the first memorial i've ever missed - raised in it and used to tell all the fellow-faders i grew up with how important it is that they go. Guess the joke's on me, huh? It feels weird. My one-year anniversary of fading is approaching in a few weeks - no real contact with family in about that time (actually a little longer, i was always considered devil's spawn) and it still hurts. Gets better every day, but it still hurts. Programming's a bitch.

  • Elsewhere

    [snort] Huh? What? Is it memorial time again???

    You are wanting to know if I will go to a "meal" of crackers and cheep wine... where no one is supposed to eat?

    Yeah, right!

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