Been encouraging my husband to contact his DF'd brother

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  • Crazyguy

    I would wait, there's no connection there anyways do to the age gap.

  • Diogenesister
    Maybe the DF'd Brother is happy and content with his life. I can relate to this. When my family gets involved in my life it causes nothing but stress and it is just not worth the trouble. Maybe the DF'd Brother is happy and wants to move on with his life.

    I guess this is the reason I would approach hubby first, you can't risk a wronged man being rejected twice.

    That said, I do hope he doesn't hold your husband at quite the same level of culpability as your parents in law. I guess your BIL has tried to build a life away from his family and pulled up the emotional drawbridge for his own self protection .

    One thing I would make no apologies for though - straight taking alert here - if you have kids, for goodness sakes don't let the next generation have to go through this shunning [email protected] That really is the place where you have the ability to effect the most positive change.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I received a letter from my sister-law (years ago), and it stated " your brother(elder) miss

    you terribly. He speaks about the good time and how he looked up to you as the older

    brother. If you would only come back you guys can have that relationship once more.

    You were his best friend,please pray on it and come back to Jehovah..

    Ten years after she wrote that letter I saw her at the market and she did say hello,

    but that was it...

  • jhine

    I get what everyone is saying about caution here but what if both brothers are wishing that the OTHER would make the first move , just in case .............. ! A lifetime ,no two , could be wasted wishing .

    Perhaps now is the time to remind hubby that he has " but a short time to live " and ask how he might feel if he hears about the death of his brother , third hand , and realises that the time has gone for them to be reconciled . It's too late .


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