Do jw's have any concept of numbers re: population?

by carla 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dunedain

    Tssk Tssk Tsssk, you are forgetting about all the millions, or thousands, or tens of thousands, whatever, that will be resurrected.

    They are going to "fill" up the world too, or state of Virginia. Oh wait, where will they "wake up" from the resurrection?

    Will they be spread out all over the world? Who will welcome them? What language will they speak? How will only around 8 millions people spread out over planet earth, coordinate and communicate with each other to coordinate and communicate with all the ones being resurrected?

    Wait, I know, Jehovah will magically do it, that's it. See, its really simple.

  • Chook

    8 million of them 8 billion of us. That’s only one in a thousand who serve god acceptably according to corporate teachings. Brother Jones and sister smith will enjoy the spectacle of ravens eating the local kindergarten kids. Welcome to the new world of capital punishment dished out by princes , who’s main qualifications were selling WT junk mail.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Back in the day when me & my jw were still discussing anything jw he thought that 8 million people couldn't be wrong.

    Except if they are Mormons, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims.........

  • smiddy3

    Off the top of my head their are more than :

    I Billion Catholics

    1 Billion Muslims

    1 Billion various protestant religions

    Billions more non Christian religions

    And probably today Billions who have no religion

    Just to give it a bit more perspective on how insignificant the JW religion really is.

    And another thought who or how are they this 8 million JW`s going to get rid of all the concrete skyscrapers of the modern city`s around the world ?

    And don`t forget this all has to be done within a thousand years when the loving God Jehovah releases Satan from bondage to mislead mankind again who according to Revelation are as many as the sands on a seashore

    Thank`s God kick us in the guts again

    Good post carla showing the absurdity of JW thinking or should I say non thinking.

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